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Protecting and healing animals

Protecting and healing animals

Our love-relationships with animals can be deep and, when they are, they feed our soul.  There is extensive, well-documented research confirming how these profound and spiritual bonds can heal lives.  The lives of abused children and adults, physically impaired people and prison inmates have been vastly improved by developing caring relationships with animals.  There also exists plenty of anecdotal evidence of animals protecting and saving human lives. 

There are multiple books and films that communicate the transcendent beauty and intelligence of animals, and the spiritual unity that exists between us and all living creatures. 

Animals are spiritual beings.  Their identities transcend physicality and their connection to us is richer than what present material knowledge can explain. 

In fact, we perceive more of the essential majesty of life when we appreciate every living thing, humans included, as spiritual conceptions of divine SPIRIT-MIND.  The substance, purpose and intelligence of all life-forms come from immeasurable SPIRIT-LIFE. 

Life-forms are bonded to one another because they are given uniqueness and existence by divine LIFE-SOUL.  SPIRIT-SOUL contains and imparts limitless individuality while also being indivisible LIFE. 

          Spiritual sensibility has been a key contributor to the expanding wave of understanding and love that is improving the way we relate to animals and to nature in general.  The protection of animals and ecological concerns are more widely accepted today than they were in the 20th century. 

          Metaphysician and author, M. B. Eddy, asserts the spiritual makeup of everything that is ostensibly material.  She quotes an ancient Native American description of a lake as “the smile of the great Spirit.” She refers to animals as spiritual expressions of MIND, and, in her view, this makes their spiritual self “harmless, useful and indestructible.”

          The underlying fact is that perfect LOVE-MIND guards and promotes the wellness of its incorporeal ideas.   Man’s LOVE-obtained identity also is harmless, useful and indestructible.  In the divine plane of LIFE we comingle in absolute peace and harmony. 

Spiritual wisdom helps us to heal animal and ecological abuse.  Without it we can get overwhelmed by anger and despair.  For example, it is heartbreaking to read about the brutality animals are subjected to by corporate food processors.  But our reflection of MIND gives us the courage, clarity and intelligence to come up with effective solutions to these problems. 

On a more personal level, spiritual sensibility converts us into better pet owners.  Our unity with MIND-LOVE gives us sharper intuition for training pets and caring for them.  I’ve enjoyed having household pets since childhood and I’ve learned greatly from the experience. 

I’ve also been privileged to witness multiple spiritual healings of pets.  On one occasion my small dog, which we named “Buxe,” was run over by a car.  Among the several injuries it suffered was the complete crushing of a rear hind leg and paw.  It seemed to be dying when I picked it up from the street and took it home. 

I prayed for Buxe thoroughly and with conviction.  I loved it for the incorporeal, indestructible and whole idea of MIND that it was.  I visualized it as an embodiment of SPIRIT’s infinite qualities.  I asserted that accidents were corrected by LOVE’s celestial order. 

My precious dog “Buxe” did not die.  It survived being run over by a car and recovered completely.  The leg and paw grew back.  It was shaped perfectly and it functioned like new.  It grew back just as it would if it were the claw of a lobster, or the appendage of some other creature for which biology accepts such occurrences as normal.   But in the case of my “Buxe” its leg and paw grew back whole because of MIND’s law of indestructible, spiritual substance. 

          Our spiritually enlightened love for animals exudes divine wisdom and might.  It heals our pets and the widespread abuse of animals. 

Superlative LIFE-LOVE maintains the spiritual self of all animals and our own within its uncompromising order and immortality. 

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