Monday, August 6, 2012

Our sure foundation in MIND

Our sure foundation in MIND


Julio C. Rivas, CS

          “Behold, I lay in Zion … a sure foundation.”  This sure foundation is a MIND-engineered life. 

MIND unfolds every spiritual moment of our lives.  It unfolds our immortal self and substance.  It projects our beauty and health.  It carries us to the mountain top of victory. 

MIND-SPIRIT produces in us interminable wellness.  Our spiritual, ageless and limitless lives cannot be altered or denied by the illusions of mortality -- be they sickness, fear, loneliness, ingratitude, malice or hurt.  Spiritual cognizance is our lives’ tried and precious “corner stone.”

          While in Babylonian slavery the ancient Israelites turned to LOVE-SPIRIT once again.  They found that, in spite of their misery and suffering, there was hope in striving to understand man’s role in the unfolding of eternal MIND.  They consecrated their affections and actions to honor LIFE-truths.  This purified their minds, strengthened their faith, and shielded them from further evil.

Three years after Cyrus, king of Persia, conquered Babylon their hopes and yearnings were answered.  The Jews had responded to their Babylonian slavery with inner purification.  They were now prepared to take advantage of new opportunities.  With the Persians’ permission and protection thousands returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt their lives, along with their city and temple.  Their expanded spiritual understanding, love and joy allowed them to reap great progress. 

The disciple John had his deep visions of imperial LIFE-SPIRIT when he was suffering torture and imprisonment on the island of Patmos.  He survived, escaped and resumed his marvelous ministry. 

When we find ourselves enslaved to and tortured by evil’s pretentious lies we can connect to and experience the liberating power of LOVE-MIND.  Like thousands of others throughout human history we can triumph over troubles by resurrecting consciousness to life in and by SPIRIT-MIND. 

A woman, who was suffering from acute pain in her hips and legs, so much so that she was in tears over it, called a spiritual healer for help.  She absorbed the spiritual healer’s message of love and conviction.  She felt like a warm blanket of love was put on her.  Her thought ascended above corporeality to spiritual unity with LOVE-MIND.  She fell asleep and woke up healed.

From the summit of an ascended, MIND-congruent consciousness we experience profuse health, love, bounty, joy and advancement. 

MIND-LOVE is our sure foundation. 

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