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Finding healing stillness in LOVE

Finding healing stillness in LOVE


Julio C. Rivas

When surrounded by an enemy army the prophet, Elijah, did not panic.  He stilled his thought, and that of his servant, by saturating his consciousness with the all-presence-power of imperial LOVE.  LOVE’s infinity made him realize the feebleness of material opposition.   This overpowering spiritual vision seemed like an “army of divine angels” and it brought about the surrender of the enemy. 

At times it can seem that we are overrun by an “army” of problems and opposition.  It appeared just this way to a friend of mine.  Family troubles were tearing into her.  She had deteriorated physically in a matter of weeks.  She was unable to walk and was feeling sharp pains in several places.  She thought she would rather die than continue suffering. 

 But she, too, found healing in LOVE’s generous grace.  Spiritual communion with LOVE-MIND transformed her thought and body.  Insights were gained, new lessons were learned, and she was made wiser and stronger for it.  The pain and physical impediments vanished and she resumed her daily walks.  She overflowed with spiritual gratitude. 

LOVE’s active mandate of health and wellness is ours to enjoy.  Desperate, suffocating and dangerous circumstances give up when we “stand still” with LOVE.  We then witness “the salvation of the Lord.”

Yes, it is magnificent to experience LOVE’s protective power, but is there more to it than only solving our own problems?  Can the pursuit of a faith-based life be a selfish one, and, even worse, a harmful one?  Is it just about getting what we want?  Can it deteriorate into imposing our human will? 

There are intelligent thinkers who argue that humanity is better off not believing in “God,” just in the power of human ethical reasoning.  They say all religions incite humans to be self-righteous, willful and, sometimes, even hateful of others.  They point to the fact that religious zealots can commit violent atrocities and deny others their right to live their lives.  

They are partially right when they blame religion for its faults, but they fail to be fair in their judgment.   To apply equanimity we need to acknowledge that enlightened religion encourages much goodness.  It encourages justice, ethics, generosity, morals and economic advancement. 

Secular beliefs (communism, totalitarianism, fascism to name a few) are responsible for worse violence than that committed by religious zealots – in fact, secular ideologies have killed over 80 million just in the last 100 years. 

When religious reasoning starts from the premise of an infinite, perfect LOVE-GOD, and a wholly spiritual creation, it promotes only the best in humanity.  It lifts humankind out of matter-dreaming and into SPIRIT-knowing.  This has the effect of voiding hatred, arrogance, selfishness, disease, failure, and death. 

Christian metaphysics instill a responsibility to strive for healing in the world.  The prophets, Jesus Christ and millions of Jesus’ followers bettered others’ lives.  In spite of the crimes committed by religionists, Christly people have lived selfless lives and imparted LOVE’s healing grace to many. 

LOVE’s “kingdom of heaven” is the continual outflow and authority of divine grace.  We can expect marvelous results from this understanding. 

Spiritual communion – devout prayer – turns off the “me” and turns on the “Thy (Love’s) will be done” perspective.  It turns off fear and despair with LOVE’s all-presence and all-power.  This erases greed, illness, pain and death. 

Jesus was convinced of man’s LIFE-enforced immortality and his conviction brought dead Lazarus back to human life. 

He freed the paralytic man (palsied and bed-confined) by believing in man’s unceasing, LIFE-impelled vitality and vigor. 

The woman’s hemorrhaging stopped because Jesus understood that bodily functions are, in spiritual fact, the harmonious and gentle movement of irrepressible LOVE. 

Man’s SOUL-derived life, health, and vitality are spiritually inviolate.  Jesus proved this and so can we. 

LOVE fills all existence and it is man’s duty and privilege to express its redemptive grace.  Christly might is part of our LOVE-drawn inheritance, of our spiritual architecture. 

Spiritual communion with TRUTH-LOVE and Christly living betters humanity.  It heals all. 

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