Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MIND’s Victories Are Ours

MIND’s Victories Are Ours




Julio C. Rivas, CS



Severe personal and business downfalls can puncture hopes, confidence and motivation.  When this happens we can be catapulted to victory by the preponderant energies of LIFE-GOD.  In my work with clients I’ve seen this occur repeatedly. 


After years of unsuccessful attempts at developing a large real estate project, a radical shift in thinking and approach brought it to marvelous fruition. 


Spiritual education connects us to the imperial and dynamic energies of MIND-GOD.   Divine intelligence alters everyone’s mental outlook.  This induces creative and new implementations and fruitful results.  Stubborn obstacles melt away and unexpected pathways open up. 


These Biblical ideas catalyze us to victory:


“In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” (ESV, Is. 40:3).  MIND’s compounding and impelling forces clear the way for what seemed impossible. 


“But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God. They’re like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers— Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season. (MSG, Jeremiah 17:7-8)  While experiencing repeated failures and disappointments we can replenish ourselves by accessing LOVE’s supreme might, SOUL’s resources and LIFE’s creative energy. 



“The Lord is my Light and my Salvation—whom shall I fear or dread? The Lord is the Refuge and Stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? (AMP, Ps. 27:1) For in Him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your [own] poets have said, For we are also His offspring.” (AMP, Acts 17:28)  Fear, confusion, paralysis and failure are ejected and supplanted by SPIRIT’s transformational power. 



“The Spirit himself endorses our inward conviction that we really are the children of God. Think what that means. If we are his children we share his treasures, and all that Christ claims as his will belong to all of us as well!”  (Phillips, Rom. 8:16)  We are LOVE’s heirs to infinite talents, intelligence, innovation, means and solutions. 



A Victory-Inducing Prayer:


“All present and future parties can “bear the fresh fruit” of MIND-GOD.  In spite of all present obstructions, we can know that MIND enables them to comprehend and act on its intelligent directions.  INTELLIGENCE-GOD is revealing answers and obliterating obstructions.  LOVE-GOD moves in them and us to banish blind greed, fear, resistance, pride, stupidity and ignorance.  It clears the way for the necessary legal, financial and resource expediencies.  The present “drought” is turned into a fertile arrangement for all to benefit from.  All can discover and act on the treasures to be seized.  The Christ-spirit is working in everyone as a dynamic, progressive, amplificatory, exponential and result-bearing power.”


These are dynamic, successful, supernal, self-enforcing laws which heal, resurrect, transform and propel our lives to experience outstanding results.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Limitless Success

Limitless Success




Julio C. Rivas, CS



Spiritual awakening takes us on a discovery journey that reveals the wonders of immaculate MIND-GOD and our incorporeal, divinely endowed essence. 


Spiritual knowledge brings about amazing results.  Having proven this repeatedly, 19th century theologian, M. B. Eddy, wrote: “Science reveals the glorious possibilities of immortal man, forever unlimited by the mortal senses.” 


Our everlasting identities and glorious possibilities come from the immortal EGO-GOD.  SOUL produces us and we have a correlated, eternal and profuse relationship with it. 


We are SOUL-MIND’s immortal opus.  This insight capacitates us to abjure a born-today-die-tomorrow view of ourselves.  Incessant and abundant life, health, resources and purpose reign in us.  In some measure many are proving this now around the globe.


Down through history millions have proven the spiritual law undergirding this scriptural verse: “And I will make them and the places round about My hill a blessing, and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing” (Ezekiel 34:26, KJV)


A friend of mine began to experience pain and immobility in her hip and legs.  It was the end-of-the-year holiday season and she had been planning to host many friends and family members at her home.  She was sad and worried about this sudden turn for the worse. 


We talked and prayed together.  It dawned on her that her physical deterioration was, in part, a result of how much worrying she had been doing about the troubles in the lives of her adult children.  We began to reverse her worries by emphasizing LOVE’s deluge of blessings for them.  We talked about how she and they were united to LOVE’s wisdom and health.  As these beautiful, spiritual views altered her mental/emotional state her physiology underwent a complete restoration.  She resumed her active life.  Her gratitude and joy overflowed during her holiday gathering.   


LOVE’s all-encompassing and overflowing goodness is available to everyone.  All who align their thought with LOVE are lifted out of their troubles.  Moral failures are corrected, others’ hatred and malice are annulled, physical impediments are removed, and conflicts resolved. 


LOVE-SPIRIT holds everyone securely within its fecund ambience.   Prolific spiritual abilities and resources are flowing into our lives for us to express.  With this knowledge we can exude greater intelligence and social skills, and seize more opportunities  and success.  


Difficulties represent materiality’s attempts to mesmerize us with false arguments.  But suffering, sinful and restrictive conditions cannot fool us when we are in touch with our spiritual make-up.  Spiritual sensibility abrogates evil and promotes our wellness.


SPIRIT is propagating health, love and success everywhere.  When we are in rhythm with SPIRIT we move with divine confidence and authority.  We succeed and help others to do the same. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Being LOVE’s Singing

Being LOVE’s Singing




Julio C. Rivas, CS



When our actions attest to the imperiousness of SPIRIT-LOVE then our lives are LOVE’s singing.  To put off the worship of matter and to live in accord with the ALL of SPIRIT-LOVE is to be a part of MIND’s divine chorus.


The Christians of the 1st through 3rd centuries often faced severe persecutions and they responded to these with an impressive commitment to the All-in-All of LOVE-SPIRIT.  They lived their worship.  Their lives were songs of TRUTH -- deeply felt songs and boldly lived with liberty, power and grace. 


They sang of a new life in SPIRIT even as they were being tortured, crucified, thrown to wild beasts, placed in large vats of boiling oil and engulfed in flames. 


When life is seen as transcending physicality then we are imperious over material troubles.  Our natural atmosphere is the boundlessness of SPIRIT-BEING.  Those persecuted early century Christians did not just participate in religious gatherings and rituals.  They lived their understanding of SPIRIT-LIFE. 


While Rome ruled materially, these bold and victorious Christians proved that they were a part of the imperial reign of TRUTH-LOVE.  Their life, relationships, progress and health took place within the domain of SPIRIT. 


The Passover meal, which celebrates the Jews’ exodus from Egyptian slavery, was for Jesus an exodus from materialism, including from restricting religious rules and their choking ritualism. 


As he supped with his students his heart must have felt the melancholic strains that came from knowing about the ordeals before him.  He continued preparing them as best he could for the loneliness they might feel, and for the threat of torture and death they would contend with. 


When he washed their feet he was showing them once again the spiritual courage and strength found in drawing on divine LIFE-LOVE.  Humility and grace are spiritual energies that flow from GOD-TRUTH into us.  Jesus was showing them to put aside their personal egos and matter-enslaving concepts, and to feel the might of the all-encompassing and all-causative EGO-SOUL.  He was showing them to draw on the SUPREME EGO so that they would experience divine power.


He accented this holy occasion by having the disciples sing a hymn with him before going to the Mount of Olives, where he would be handed over to the Roman authorities by the traitor Judas.  This communal hymn was not just a mournful expression, but his first attempt at a victory song over death, over hatred, over all evil. 


Jesus knew at the core of his being that the spirit of LIFE-LOVE would triumph, as it eventually always does.


When we inhale and exhale this kind of courageous spirituality it ejects whatever holds us back from grander accomplishments. 


King Hezekiah is another example of someone who found his spiritual courage and might.  Young (25 years-old) and inexperienced, newly crowned King Hezekiah turned to MIND-TRUTH for needed wisdom, courage and leadership. 


Barely on the throne and he was faced with the threat from the large, experienced and well-armed Assyrian army.  He responded to the impending assault by first repairing his people’s confidence in mighty SPIRIT-POWER.  Their alignment with divine power assuaged their fears and self-doubts and infused them with spiritual fortitude.


What about us?  Is anything restraining our spiritual courage and love?  How about our success?  Is anything keeping us from health and happiness?  Is it others’ misplaced ignorance, prejudices, anger, resentment and outrage, or our own?  Have we allowed these Satan-type attitudes to bind us?  Have we been bound up for years? 


It is irrelevant to Christ what has bound us.  Christ’s command is: “Be loosed from these bonds!”  


Christ liberates us.  Christ produces a new genesis for our lives. 


Paul experienced this and he wrote, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he (she) is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.”  


Like the early Christians we can leave behind materialized worship, we can shed outworn habits, and cast off fear-and-guilt-loaded rites.  We can respond to the propulsive, creative and sanative rhythms of SOUL. 


We can make our lives into victory songs to the healing efficacy of spiritual understanding.  Inspiring each other with spiritual proofs we constitute a sacrosanct chorus to the transformational power of LOVE.


From Mt. Sinai-like levels of inspiration we can see that we are GOD’s spiritual man, and that we are living in His limitless universe of spiritual goodness. 


We and everything that exists are LOVE’s song of perfect being. 




Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharing in Christ’s Glory

Sharing in Christ’s Glory


Julio C. Rivas, CS


All who follow the leading of God’s Spirit are God’s own sons. Nor are you meant to relapse into the old slavish attitude of fear—you have been adopted into the very family circle of God and you can say with a full heart, “Father, my Father”. The Spirit himself endorses our inward conviction that we really are the children of God. Think what that means. If we are his children we share his treasures, and all that Christ claims as his will belong to all of us as well! Yes, if we share in his suffering we shall certainly share in his glory. (Phillips, Rom. 8:14-17)

Eddy: “The belief in sin and death is destroyed by the law of God, which is the law of Life instead of death, of harmony instead of discord, of Spirit instead of the flesh.”  And, “Jesus marked out the way.  Citizens of the world, accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God,’ and be free!  This is your divine right.”

Spiritual comprehension, or Christ, compels us to bury an egotistical, corporeal, sinful, sick-bound misconception of who we are.  We can revel in our immaculate, magnificent, SOUL-authorized, matter-free selfhood.  Christ-sense is morphing difficulties, failures, sufferings and faults into sublime victories.  With adventurous expectation we welcome MOTHER-FATHER-LOVE’s new lessons, plus augmented resources, abilities and attainments. 

A patient with an advanced stage of cancer experienced a radical change in their thinking and character, and a glorious healing of their body by imbibing these sin-disease-obliterating insights. 

Having absorbed more of our SOUL-enforced wholeness, and while celebrating our marvelous SPIRIT-bestowed inheritance, we can declare, “I am ready, MOTHER-FATHER-LOVE, for my next spiritually enhancing adventure.”



Thursday, March 7, 2013

LOVE’s Grace Overthrows Condemnation


Julio C. Rivas, CS

LOVE’s grace allows us to overthrow condemning beliefs.  Sovereign SPIRIT-LOVE is the imperative cause of our timeless and enduring life, love, intelligence, health and resources. 

The eternal splendor of SOUL is ours to shine with.  No human fault or struggle can alter our celestial magnificence.  When we are certain of this we defeat our problems and enjoy the spiritual treasures of SOUL – such as wholeness, happiness, unity, achievement and love. 

Outstanding metaphysician and healer M. B. Eddy writes, “The eternal Truth destroys what mortals seemed to have learned from error, and man’s real existence as a child of God comes to light.”  Also, “Only by understanding that there is but one power, -- not two powers, matter and Mind, -- are scientific and logical conclusions reached.” 

Jesus’ healing of the ten lepers evinces SPIRIT-LOVE’s purifying and freeing power.  The story goes this way: “While traveling to Jerusalem, He passed between Samaria and Galilee. As He entered a village, 10 men with serious skin diseases met Him. They stood at a distance and raised their voices, saying, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!’  When He saw them, He told them, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ And while they were going, they were healed. (HCSB, Luke 17:11-14)

Lepers were ostracized by society.  Jewish priests taught that lepers were being punished by God for their sin.  Jesus knew it was going to require deep conviction and courage for the lepers’ thinking to overthrow materiality’s condemnation.  Their call to him for help evinced that they were ready to be free.   How admirable then that the lepers commenced their journey even before they were healed.  So great was their expectancy of healing. 

By heeding Jesus’ advice and setting out to show themselves to the priests the lepers were ejecting all condemnation and bathing in LOVE’s redemptive grace.  They were asserting their SOUL-given wholeness and freedom.  It is only natural that when they arrived at their destination they were healed. 

Jesus draws our attention to two other important points at the tail end of the story: gratitude and love.  He informs us that one of the ten lepers returned to thank him for his healing and that this one belonged to the community of Samaritans.  Because the Jews and Samaritans had great enmity toward each other Jesus is telling us that we will experience great healings and more of them by filling our hearts with gratitude and love. 

A woman I know was healed of a bad condition of psoriasis when she permitted LOVE’s grace to wash her heart/mind of deeply imbedded hurts and resentments.  The abuse she had suffered for years had straight-jacketed her life. 

In our conversations we had often asserted that LOVE’s love is natural to man’s being and that our welcoming of this fact redeems us mentally, emotionally and physically. 

She later told me that the full healing came over her while driving home from work.  As she came over a hill she saw the sunset and it made her think of how she was being bathed by LOVE’s effulgence.  All hurts and resentments vanished.  Gratitude, love and joy filled her. 

Everyone’s Christ-spirit can overthrow unjust, material decrees and assert LOVE’s health, bounty and freedom.  LOVE-MIND’s superlative elements make up our eternal, outstanding substance. 

We pertain to SPIRIT and are protected by LOVE.  TRUTH’s revelations shatter the illusion of material illness, dread, lack and failure. 

MIND’s spiritual wisdom and power suffuses with healing grace and direct us to successful outcomes.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love-Impelled Duty and Privilege

Love-Impelled Duty and Privilege


Julio C. Rivas, CS

Jesus Christ declared, “And these signs shall follow them that believe: In My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”


Magnificent metaphysician and healer, M. B. Eddy, wrote: “It is possible, -- yea, it is the duty and privilege of every child, man, and woman, -- to follow in some degree the example of our Master by the demonstration of Truth and Life, of health and holiness” (S&H). 

Love-Spirit is filling us every instant with infinite spiritual resources and abilities.  Hence, we have a duty to ourselves and others to live and impart our innate, Christly endowments.  What makes it a privilege is that by drawing on our divine gifts we augment wellness in us and everyone. 

It is Spirit’s ever-presence in us – the ubiquitous Christ-spirit – which capacitates us to resolve confounding problems, to supplant sickness with health, to enjoy improved relationships, and to succeed in life. 

Love-Spirit is infinite goodness.  It is preeminent in our spiritual constitution and throughout its divine universe.  The dominant, health-goodness-multiplying energies of Love surround, nurture, and sculpt our spiritual lives. 

When we connect mentally and emotionally with Love we experience redemption and advancement.  The Christ-spirit takes over and ejects ignorance, fault, guilt, pain, illness and failure. 

Love-Mind’s illuminating insights alter our thought, body and behavior.  They enhance our character and decisions, and they infuse us with superior health and talents. 

Love-Truth’s superlative and imperious goodness suffuses all spiritual existence.  Our cognizance of this has extensive beneficial repercussions.  It exterminates all harmful influences, removes obstructions, and reconstructs our lives. 

Love’s matter-exterminating concepts free us to experience the irrepressible energies of Spirit.  By improving our motives and actions Truth’s intelligent ideas allow us to enjoy more of Spirit’s exponential forces of health, intelligence, grace and bounty. 

We read in the New Testament that when Jesus is about to commence his Sermon on the Mount he sits down first.  When he is about to multiply the loaves and fish in order to feed the thousands he asks them to sit down first.  The “sitting down” may be interpreted as doing what is necessary to relax and clear thought for Love.  Then we can receive and give of Mind-Love’s bountiful wisdom and riches. 

A man who was in great pain caused by a tumor the size of a grapefruit went from a state of extreme distress and fear to feel the comforting and assuring peace of Love’s presence.  We had been talking and praying about his Love-asserted wholeness when the fog of suffering began to part.  He fell asleep and when he woke up he was completely well.  He noticed that the tumor had exited his body and was on the bed next to him. 

Our clear and calm trust in the imperial goodness and efficacy of Love-Life ejects out of our humanity everything that is not endemic to our Spirit-enforced constitution.   

 Life’s harmony-enforcing might liberates us from the beliefs of sin and suffering.  Truth acts on our thought and infuses health and goodness into our bodies, our character, our relationships, and into our business dealings. 

Love treasures us as the confirmation of its own glorious being.  Therefore, we are loved by Love in a way that is infinitely more dependable than human love.  This may not be clear to us when the fog of material troubles is ruling us, but as we make the effort to let in Love’s effulgence then we feel subsumed by it. 

Love-Truth drives our duty and privilege to express Love.