Friday, August 10, 2012

Communion with MIND protects us

Communion with MIND protects us


Julio C. Rivas, CS

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed the healing effects of being in concord with MIND’s laws of goodness.  These two inspirational statements capture the experience I had yesterday. 

“Glory and majesty are all around him. Strength and joy can be seen in the place where he lives” (NIRV, I Chron. 16:27).

Eddy: “In the order of Science, in which the Principle is above what it reflects, all is one grand concord.”

I was driving within the residential speed limit through the Hollywood Hills, with its narrow, winding and steep roads, when a “loud” intuition struck me and advised me to slow down sharply.  Within 3 seconds of having done so, as I was coming around a blind curve, a young child ran into the street.  The significantly reduced speed made it possible to brake to a stop without striking the child. 

I am grateful to divine Wisdom.  I am grateful that I responded immediately to MIND-GOD’s protective guidance.  These are some of the spiritual laws I rely on every day.

The glory and majesty of MIND enforces order and concord among all its spiritual expressions.  LIFE-GOD fills the universe with harmony, safety and peace.  PRINCIPLE-GOD expresses strength, intelligence and joy within us.  Our conscious communion with these beautiful facts protects and advances our lives. 

We can be in the most dangerous situation, but if we connect mentally to LIFE’s law of harmony, we will experience resolution. 

SPIRIT’s preeminence is generating only goodness.  Material conditions and belief systems are nullified by spiritual awareness. 

The divine ambience of LOVE-PRINCIPLE encompasses everyone.  We can sense its presence and might when we are in tune with it.  Its sovereign authority is available to all. 

One of the biggest joys we can experience comes from praying for others and seeing how these superb spiritual laws shelter and enhance their lives. 


  1. Hi Julio! Loving reading your insights. Powerful exaample of intuition and obedience to that still small voice. That is the key to living without risk. Thank you for your blog and sharing heart!

    1. Thank you for the generosity and kindness of your remarks.