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The Spiritual Peace that Heals

The Spiritual Peace that Heals


Julio C. Rivas, CS

            “… the God of peace shall be with you” wrote  Paul to the Philippians.  Yet, there is much conflict in the world: among nations, and within nations -- among interest groups and individuals. 

Human peace does not come easily.  Most people experience plenty of disappointments, setbacks, betrayals, anxieties, losses and tragedies.  When we do experience peace it can be short-lived.  Sometimes, peace is deceiving because it hides insidious evil.  

So, what is peace?  Is it a lack of conflict?  Is getting along with one another the top priority?  Is there more to peace than the absence of discord?

            As a desirable human condition, peace includes amity, harmony, order, agreement, rest, stillness and contentment.  But spiritually speaking it is Mind-God’s active, harmonizing power.  A “God of peace” manifests concord everywhere – in man and throughout the universe. 

Jesus Christ said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and over burdened, and I will give you rest – I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.”  He meant that by communing with Mind-Love we gain spiritual renewal and peace.  Christly wisdom produces resolution of internal and external conflicts. 

Mind’s peace is a divine law that harmonizes our minds, bodies and relationships.  It has the power to still a hurricane of troubles. 

The superlative and absolute nature of Spirit-Mind makes peace an omnipresent, spiritual reality.  The non-material, divine “I AM ALL” provides peace, security and certainty. 

The All-Spirit leaves nothing outside of its spiritual comprehensiveness.  Therefore, Spirit is the substance of everything.  We derive from Spirit a matter-transcending, empyreal nature and this nature is peaceful and whole.  Everyone’s spiritual identity is exempt from discord.  A glimpse of this divine truth enforces Soul’s harmony in multiple ways – financially, psychologically, physiologically and in our associations with others. 

Our divine self has unity with Mind and expresses Mind.  This apprehension improves the quality of our choices and decisions.  Because of this understanding we manifest a higher caliber of intelligence, ethics and morals.  This induces confidence and peace.

Sometimes we deceive ourselves.  We convince ourselves to believe there is peace when none exists.  The prophet Jeremiah advises to not pretend and proclaim “Peace, peace, when there is no peace.”  Instead, says Scripture, we should heed, “Be corrected, reformed, instructed and warned, O Jerusalem.”  This means we must address those issues calling out for healing, even if they represent painful wounds and we’ve covered them up for a long time. 

Mind’s wisdom will “overturn, overturn, overturn until he come whose right it is.”  This is a biblically poetic way of saying that Mind’s intelligent guidance will replace mistaken ways with successful ones.   

To a resistant attitude, Love’s intelligent ways of giving us peace may feel at first like the strike of a sword.  To a receptive attitude, peace is experienced as divine comfort, hope and guidance.   As a sword it cuts through and removes adamant fear, pride, self-righteousness, ignorance and selfishness.  As a salve it closes old wounds and alleviates hurts.  Its intelligence directs us away from failure-prone ways and places us on productive pathways.

Soul’s spiritual pathways to peace restored the life of a man whose business and family were crumbling away.  His health was also waning.  Spiritual communion opened the mental door to Love’s brilliantly effective answers.  Old and ingrained mental habits were replaced by Mind’s intelligent and productive ones.  His business, family and health were saved. 

Love-God’s peace is always enthroned.  Love’s pacifying messages speak to us all the time and in ways that heal us.  Outstanding early 20th century author and healer, M. B. Eddy, wrote that Love is “… unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious divine Principle, -- is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.” 

God’s spiritual love, peace and power are supreme.  Spiritual understanding proves it.

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