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Spiritual reconciliation heals

Spiritual reconciliation heals

How do we heal our body through spiritual means?  To a mind that is bamboozled by materiality’s aggressive and insistent attempts to hold life and substance hostage to its limitations, spiritual healing seems unbelievable.   Yet there are millions who have proven and are proving that spiritual understanding can pull people out of the worst diseases and even a death prognosis.  

To know that our actual constitution is the manifestation of limitless MIND-GOD releases healing energies throughout our body.  To experience the harmonizing power of SPIRIT-GOD we need to embrace our matter-independent, spiritual nature.  It is a tremendous relief and uplift to obtain glimpses of our immaculate and outstanding spiritual wholeness. 

Paul tells us (in I Cor. 4:19, 20) that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.  The term “Holy Ghost” means everything that expresses SPIRIT-GOD.  He also adds that we should glorify SPIRIT in our body. 

Jesus Christ’s many healings reconciled mind, body and soul to LOVE-GOD.  He brought to people a firm and clear recognition of man’s SOUL-designed, matter-free, and excellent selfhood.  Those who had a welcoming thought were moved from material suffering, ignorance and sin to their innate, spiritual perfection. 

We know that matter is a counterfeit of SPIRIT-GOD.  This is why physicality cannot be a structure/temple of man’s spiritual essence.  Physicality is the antipode, not the temple, of the Holy Ghost.  It does not honor superlative SPIRIT-MIND. 

What Paul alludes to is that the human body is consciousness.  This apparent skin-sack of flesh, organs, blood and bones does not exist independent of thought, but is thought.  Physicality is mentality.  We cannot go outside, beyond or above thought.  The human body is thought as long as we are aware of it.

But what do we do with thought?  We instruct thought with spiritual concepts.  This transformation of consciousness does glorify SPIRIT-SOUL mentally and physically because they are one and the same. 

Our spiritual composition contains infinite goodness because it is MIND-SPIRIT’s reflection.  To educate ourselves with such concepts relieves anxiety.  It also separates us from society’s obsession with diseases and its fear of them. 

To feel connected to LOVE’s spiritual riches instills confidence and peace.  It purges us of negatives influences like envy, anger, resentment and avarice.  We should want to get rid of them because they torture our mind and body.  As we gain spiritual knowledge we develop spiritual dominion over harmful influences.  The less stress and fear we have the more health we experience. 

Spiritual understanding changes everything about how we perceive ourselves.  What is ostensibly a physical experience is re-discovered to be a divine manifestation of MIND-GOD.  We discern that our spiritual essence, being the effect of SPIRIT, is constructed of an unbounded range of spiritual attributes.   

Spiritual instruction helps us to exchange material concepts for MIND’s immortal ideas.  We become able to do what renowned metaphysician, Mary Baker Eddy, prescribes: to resolve things into thoughts and to exchange the objects of sense for the ideas of SOUL-GOD (S&H 269:14). 

Our acceptance of our innate, spiritual wholeness enhances our immune system’s effectiveness.  It rebalances the chemical and biological functions of our body.  It strengthens bones and muscles.  This is the natural consequence of recognizing and glorifying the preeminence of SPIRIT. 

A woman’s medically diagnosed cancer disappeared when it was subjected to the transformational effulgence of MIND-SPIRIT.  The medical experts predicted around 6 months of remaining life.  We countered it with deep and firm spiritual affirmations and conversations. 

We cherished her excellent, incorporeal identity as the outcome of divine LIFE-SPIRIT.  We also viewed her human body as a mental structure inundated with harmonious spiritual forces and honoring the all-substance of MIND-SPIRIT.  We often talked about how her cells, blood, organs and functions were not enslaved to matter but worked together as a harmonious symphony of MIND.  We kept on valuing her health as a spiritual law of infinite LIFE, and not as a feeble, physical condition.  Her thought and body were gently and steadfastly brought into spiritual concord with divine TRUTH-LIFE. 

          This and many other healings are happening daily to those awakening to their beautiful, inviolate and interminable celestial nature.  Every aspect of our unbounded, spiritual individuality honors SOUL-LOVE.  By reconciling ourselves to this wondrous revelation we harmonize our human bodies and lives.    

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