Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raising our Expectancy of Good

Raising our Expectancy of Good


Julio C. Rivas, CS

            Good expectations induce good outcomes; bad expectations induce bad outcomes. 

Researchers have confirmed this truism many times by administering a placebo and a nocebo.  A pretend medication or procedure is called a placebo when patients are told to anticipate a positive outcome; it is a nocebo when they are told to anticipate a negative result. 

Subjects have been relieved of ill symptoms, like pain, swelling, and depression, when administered a placebo, and they’ve experienced suffering from a nocebo. 

In one instance a person attempted suicide by swallowing 26 tablets of what they believed were medicinal tablets though the tablets were a nocebo.   Even so, the person’s blood pressure dropped dangerously low. 

These experiments help us to understand the importance of raising hope and our expectancy of good.  The positive repercussions multiply when we communicate this to others. 

We should not ignore problems and dangers, but when addressing them we can emphasize hope, possible solutions, and the expectation of good outcomes. 

Jesus Christ gave hope and healing to those in need.  The frail, pained, failed, confused and sinful were transformed and liberated when they assimilated Jesus’ spiritual wisdom and love. 

The enlightenment and grace Jesus communicated had divine might because it was the result of his synchronicity with perfect TRUTH-LOVE-GOD.  We belong to GOD and have access to the same redemptive power and love. 

We gain confidence and might over human problems by understanding that SPIRIT-GOD expresses spiritual wholeness and freedom in us and throughout His infinite, spiritual universe.   LIFE-SPIRIT debars matter.  Furthermore, because our SPIRIT-given substance is excellent, we can eliminate illness, failure and obstacles by asserting these divine facts. 

I was praying over a sick and crying baby in my arms when suddenly I felt engulfed by GOD’s sovereign love.  In that very moment my anxiety and the baby’s illness were vanquished by perfect LOVE.  We can expect healing because LOVE is our reality and material problems are mental deflections from TRUTH. 

The list of difficulties, including fear and distress, may be long, but prayer ignites hope and expectancy.  As our prayers synchronize us to LOVE-GOD spiritual understanding and certainty take hold.  Suddenly healing gushes in. 

With gratitude bursting in our hearts for the healing received, our temperament adopts spiritual reality.  These are rare and special moments in which to be still and commune with ultimate TRUTH.  We will be rewarded.  Everything and everyone will come into sharper view as the resplendence of SPIRIT-SOUL. 

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