Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Are Intact In Spirit-God

We Are Intact In Spirit-God




Julio C. Rivas, CS




“And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory forever and ever.”


This passage means more than trusting in the help of a “god” up in the sky.  Such a “god” is constructed of superstition and blinds us to infinite Good-God.


All glory belongs to infinite Spirit-God.  The comprehension that Good-God is the “I AM ALL” is our protection. It places us within Love’s imperial, harmonious atmosphere. 


In Love’s universe there is perfect order and peace.  Love is the only energy and intelligence, encompassing us with goodness, health, joy and success. 


Spirit-God keeps our spiritual self overflowing with permanent health, intelligence, beauty, might and vitality.  This understanding rescues our human experience from evil’s prevarications.  The preeminence of Spirit makes all material conditions delusory. 


Our immaculate celestial identity is endowed with the magnificent attributes of Mind-Spirit.  It is blended with Soul, and expresses its limitless diversity and uniqueness. 


Harmful, material conditions are empty of Life and Soul.  They vanish when consciousness absorbs spiritual reality.  Even years of illness and damage have no reality in Truth.   Long-term physical, emotional and financial damage vanish before our spiritual identity. 


A woman I know was born with curvature of the spine and it kept her from being able to stand and walk uprightly.  We had been discussing her spiritual wholeness for several weeks.  Suddenly one day, as we talked and prayed about man’s God-asserted wellness, her spine straightened out.  The healing was permanent.


Scripture declares, “… so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day” and “I will feed them in a good pasture” and “bind up” the broken, and “strengthen” the sick.”


Truth-God’s spiritual facts connect us to overflowing harmony, peace and love.  Spiritual enlightenment eradicates illness, sin, ignorance, failure, bad luck, bad heredity, and others’ malicious attacks.  By superseding material convictions with spiritual apprehension we discover our healthy, magnificent self in the “ALL-IN-ALL” of Mind-Love. 


Salvation, or healing, takes place when we are convinced and altered by divine knowledge.  When Old-Testament character Jonah finally took in the wisdom of Mind-God, he discovered his divine abilities and was able to save others from their misery.  When New Testament character Saul yielded to perfect Love, he became spiritual empowered by wisdom and grace. 


Jesus lived in communion with empyrean Truth.  Spiritual knowledge made him what brilliant theologian, M. B. Eddy, describes as “undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses …”   He was armored by Love’s wisdom. 


Truth filled him with spiritual power.  His lucid, spiritually-anchored consciousness awakened receptive minds to their Love-given health, life and bounty.  


By enthroning divine knowledge in consciousness we jettison material obstructions and launch ourselves into superlative wellness.   Life-Love’s inexhaustible energy metamorphoses our lives.



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