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Our oneness with SOUL generates healing currents

Oneness with SOUL generates healing currents


There are outstanding healing ideas to discover when we apply a metaphysical understanding to Biblical stories.  Water, for example, has healing symbolism in the Bible. 

Revolutionary metaphysical thinker, M. B. Eddy, provides an inspired interpretation of the Biblical rivers.  She writes this about one of them: “Euphrates (river). Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness.”   

Let us apply inspiration to this story from Ezekiel 47:1-9 (New Century Version).  First let us review the story. 

1 The man led me back to the door of the Temple, and I saw water coming out from under the doorway and flowing east. (The Temple faced east.) The water flowed down from the south side wall of the Temple and then south of the altar.

2 The man brought me out through the outer north gate and led me around outside to the outer east gate. I found the water coming out on the south side of the gate.3 The man went toward the east with a line in his hand and measured about one-third of a mile. Then he led me through water that came up to my ankles.4 The man measured about one-third of a mile again and led me through water that came up to my knees. Then he measured about one-third of a mile again and led me through water up to my waist.5 The man measured about one-third of a mile again, but it was now a river that I could not cross. The water had risen too high; it was deep enough for swimming; it was a river that no one could cross.

6 The man asked me, "Human, do you see this?" Then the man led me back to the bank of the river.7 As I went back, I saw many trees on both sides of the river.8 The man said to me, "This water will flow toward the eastern areas and go down into the Jordan Valley. When it enters the Dead Sea, it will become fresh.9 Everywhere the river goes, there will be many fish. Wherever this water goes the Dead Sea will become fresh, and so where the river goes there will be many living things.”

To put the story into its historical context we need to know that Ezekiel was one of the thousands of Israelites captive in Babylon.  It is essential to appreciate that he is imparting hope and guidance to his fellow Israelites. 

The fact that he received this vision confirms to him that TRUTH’s eternal covenant with his children is as active as ever.  He assures his people that freedom is in their future.  He adds that their freedom will appear as they dedicate themselves toward living their covenant with TRUTH-LIFE (GOD). 

His vision becomes our own liberating experience when we understand its deeper meanings.

The temple in Ezekiel’s vision represents incorporeal man’s uninterrupted spiritual unity with SPIRIT-TRUTH.  Everyone’s genuine and eternal make-up is the unfolding magnificence and wholeness of GOD’s preeminent being. 

This gushing river, and other Biblical rivers (like the Pison, Hiddekel, Euphrates, Gihon) symbolize the abundant, transformative, spiritual currents that flow from our understanding and dedicated application of our oneness with SPIRIT-TRUTH.  These gushing illuminating and inspiring currents will rise until it we feel saturated by LOVE’s grace, like we are swimming in LOVE’s goodness. 

Ezekiel says that the restorative waters from the temple will enter the Dead Sea and morph it into a body of fresh water where life can thrive.  This means that spiritual inspiration and understanding restores that which appears hopeless and dead.  They enliven, enrich and multiply our lives. 

Our spiritual essence dwells in SPIRIT-LOVE’s spiritual environment, where material constraints are void.  Our actual life in SOUL is teeming with love, health, and goodness.  

This understanding is now liberating us and making wonderful things happen. 

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