Monday, July 23, 2012

A prayer for relationships


LOVE is our adhesive and catalyst


Julio C. Rivas, CS

This is a prayer for fulfilling relationships.

“LOVE knows only to love us. ‘…Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love…’ is meant directly for each one of us right now.

LOVE is bonded to us and it binds us to each other. LOVE is impartial in blessing everyone with the capacity to truly care for one another in myriad, consistent and unsexy ways. This enhances our capacity to have trustworthy and fulfilling relationships.

LOVE’s tenderness, flexibility, nimbleness, fidelity and generosity brought Ruth and Boaz together. LOVE’s wisdom and forgiving might re-made Jacob’s and Esau’s characters and reconciled them. Our reflection of these qualities produces outstanding personal and professional bonds. We attract one another and cement our connections with LOVE’s attributes.

LOVE is shattering shyness, fears, insecurities, doubts and anything else that would restrain our ability to connect meaningfully with others. LOVE-MIND is activating in us bold, intelligent and courageous steps that advance our common goals.

Wonderful, caring and talented people are being led by MIND to join its mighty and intelligent currents. While moving within the currents of MIND-LOVE we turn into an unstoppable force for goodness, happiness and success.

LOVE-SOUL is the “All” of our being.  It defines us.  It is the core essence of everyone. Boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, spouses, children, relatives, neighbors and co-workers are infinitely more than human personalities.  They are spiritual representations of SOUL-LOVE.  We possess a transcendent self.  We are endowed with LOVE’s spiritual talents and resources.

Our past, present and future exists not in the dream of mortal history, but in the “depth, breadth, height, majesty, and glory” of boundless LOVE-SOUL. LOVE is the adhesion and catalyst of our lives."

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