Sunday, July 22, 2012

TRUTH-MIND eradicates evil and violence

          Large and small acts of violence can leave people stunned and perplexed.  Throughout our world and on a daily basis horrible violence is occurring.  Most individuals do not think too much about this when it is not happening in their cultural/social sense of home and because it takes too much of an emotional toll to dwell on it.  When violence occurs close to us, be it based on geographic, cultural or emotional criteria, we are impacted even more. 

          Violent acts are committed due to many reasons: mental derangement, politics, religion, hatred, envy, revenge, ignorance and greed. 

           Genocide, war, rape, abuse, terrorism, disease, crime, and injustice can be met with LOVE’s compassion and with MIND’s intelligent ideas. All-intelligent LOVE-MIND is a continual fountain of new ideas that we can implement to ameliorate evil.  It gives us the flexibility and elasticity required to adapt to new circumstances and apply new approaches.

As we submit to the transformational effects of communing with MIND-LOVE we expunge the internal sins that underpin evil acts. LOVE promotes empathy, forgiveness, mercy and compassion. These are effective spiritual weapons against evil.

The Bible declares “He maketh the wars to cease” and the “He” is LOVE.  Jesus Christ’s love emanated from infinite LOVE and this is the reason why it redeemed lives.  Our heartfelt submissions to LOVE align us with its divine power. 

Jesus’ synchronicity with LOVE protected him when the angry mob wanted to throw him off a cliff.  The gospel stories tell us he walked right past them without being seen. 

GOOD-GOD is supreme over evil.  Evil is a deception; it does not have ultimate existence.  Metaphysics asserts and proves the All-in-all of GOOD-GOD.  The Bible intones the superiority of GOOD-TRUTH when it states “He uttered His voice, the earth melted,” and “The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord ….”

Our spiritual goodness expresses the purity, intelligence and might of TRUTH.  We can be “lambs” of spiritual goodness, and “lions” of divine might. 

Outstanding spiritual healer and writer, M. B. Eddy, wrote decades ago that the “wolves in sheep’s clothing are detected and killed by innocence, the Lamb of Love.”   Our spiritual understanding and resolve act like a sharp, two-edge sword of TRUTH and it decapitates evil. 

Our apprehension of MIND’s sovereignty and of our celestial nature as the product of MIND calms and enlightens us.  This happens even if there is hatred, conflict and turmoil around us. 

We are fathered and mothered by LOVE-MIND.  We have inherited a spiritual, incorporeal composition.  It is harmonious, intelligent and peaceful. 

We can affirm this prayer on behalf of others and ourselves: “LOVE consoles and revitalizes those whose humanity has suffered violence and cruelty. LOVE is reaching deep into the doers of evil to awaken them to their pure selfhood. LOVE binds us together with compassion and healing. LOVE is the EGO, expressing the EGO-man, and this one is neither victim, nor victimizer, but whole and triumphant.

We are endowed by TRUTH-MIND with the spiritual abilities to eradicate evil. 

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