Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating TRUTH’s marvelous effects

Divine TRUTH is infinite intelligence and harmony.  A TRUTH-based view of existence omits feeble and limited matter, and explains that permanent substance is composed of eternal and abundant spiritual goodness.   As our spiritual view is enriched we discern more of the wholeness and magnificence of divine LIFE-TRUTH in ourselves and in the world.

A skin infection I had was healed without antibiotics when I allowed divine TRUTH to illuminate my thinking.  I prayed/meditated on the ultimate, spiritual reality of my existence.  I visualized my existence and substance as pure, whole and beautiful.  This approach altered my mental state and this came through in my body as healthy skin. 

Outstanding spiritual healer, M. B. Eddy, wrote this on the healing efficacy of TRUTH on our minds and bodies: “…immortal Mind through Christ, Truth, subdues the human belief of disease” (S&H: p. 145:11-13); and “when one’s false belief is corrected, Truth sends a report of health over the body” (S&H p. 194:8).  

Our mental/emotional connection to TRUTH can appear quickly, or it may demand patience and consistency.  Either way, it will bear outstanding fruitage. 

The Bible tells us of the years it took for Jacob and his brother Esau to overcome their inner demons.  Jacob’s self-righteousness, dishonest ways and Esau’s hateful and vengeful obsession vanished during one night in which both yielded to the abstergent influence of divine TRUTH. 

More often than not we have to wrestle to change ourselves for the better.  TRUTH, of course, undergirds and spurs every effort that moves us to accept our immaculate, excellent, spiritual heritage.  Spiritual enlightenment replaces foibles, illnesses and weaknesses with spiritual strengths. 

TRUTH goads and enables us to think and be free of material restraints.  TRUTH is right now saturating us with magisterial health, intelligence, love and bounty. 

Because our transcendent and genuine essence is a masterpiece of all-creative and sovereign TRUTH-LOVE we have spiritual authority to override our difficulties.  Accept this gratefully and joyously for it inundates your experience with limitless goodness. 

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