Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Releasing our love atoms

Huston Smith, professor and author of best-sellers says, “It remained for the 20th century to discover that locked within the atom is the energy of the sun itself.  For this energy to be released, however, the atom must be bombarded from without.  So, too, locked in every human being is a store of love that partakes of the divine – the image dei, the image of God that is within us.  And it too can be activated only through bombardment – in its case, love’s bombardment.”

During the early Christian era a terrible plague (something like the bubonic plague) struck the inhabitants of Rome and other cities causing death in the thousands.  To avoid death the elite of Rome, including the emperor, moved to their vacation homes in the Italian Alps.  

The early Christians threw aside fear and responded with the power of infinite LOVE.  The consistency and intensity of love that they exhibited daily toward everyone released sanative power for those who were contaminated and dying.  Many were nursed back to health. 

The emperor’s personal physician wrote, “Those Christians love with power.”

We are all made of LOVE’s “love atoms.”  To echo Huston Smith, we release their transformational, healing energy by bombarding each other with love.  What bursts inwardly and outwardly is the incalculable, all-potency of LOVE. 

Our lives and our world are made more whole by it.

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