Thursday, May 31, 2012

A protective and enabling prayer

The crowd wanted to kill Jesus but the armor of TRUTH sheltered him.  The modern “crowd” – negativity, diseases, fear, divisiveness and hatred -- cannot harm us when we put on our divine armor.  Like Jesus, we can become conscious of the spiritual fact that we abide in the all-encompassing, spiritual ambience of infinite GOODNESS/GOD.   

When I am synchronized with LOVE’s preeminence, the same divine armor shelters me throughout the day, wherever I go and whomever I am with.   Invidious, treacherous, beguiling and perfidious attacks are nullified by it.  My understanding of the imperial presence and might of TRUTH crushes evil’s deceitful (serpentine) and boisterous (dragon-like) aggressions.    

I know that all spiritual authority and dominion emanates from comprehending and living the Christ-spirit.  When I am expressing Christly love and wisdom I am part of a universal network of spiritual torch-and-sword carriers.  This spiritual brotherhood/sisterhood strengthens and invigorates me.  

Not blind faith, but active spiritual reasoning counters stress, worry, fear and doubt.  I am upheld by GOD-PRINCIPLE, who blesses me.  Everything I do which spreads righteousness, justice, intelligence and love is infused with divine victory. 

The eternal WORD rouses me with empyrean wisdom and health, and it meets all my daily needs.  Awake to divine TRUTH I can impart healing power and grace.  In fact, the slightest inspiration from MIND/GOD expresses what M. B. Eddy described as “the immortal, unerring, and infinite.’”

Humility toward the divine PRINCIPLE quashes personal pride and ego, while it opens us up to limitless divine resources.   The divine EGO cancels the feeble, mortal ego and makes me an instrument of divine wisdom, grace and might. 

LOVE proclaims and reveals its divine governance and restorative grace through each humble and caring heart.  There are millions of such people.  When I behave like them I am protected among them.  But what is more outstanding is that together we are a triumphant army of LOVE’s intelligent and generous doers. 

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