Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our MIND-enforced wholeness

“How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!   Yes, how warm, tender, and sanative is the ambience of MIND.  Its therapeutic laws enforce our divine constitution, which is saturated with empyreal health, wisdom, love and plentitude. 

MIND’s instructive concepts cultivate our ability to see ourselves as unlimited beings, constructed of divine elements.  When we are conscious of our spiritual composition it is natural to be and feel whole. 

Materialistic theories attempt to deceive us by affirming that we have a fragile, bio-chemical, DNA-shaped structure.  Of course, these deceptions cannot change our MIND-enforced and intrinsic perfection.  But they can fool us temporarily.  Unaware that we’ve been defrauded by corporeality we accept limits, fears and faults that are foreign to our spiritual wholeness

Physical identifiers also cause us to feel empty and hungry for more material this or that.  The emptier and more fearful we feel the more stress we experience.  This generates psychological, psychiatric and other physiological breakdowns.  There are billions of dollars spent on material remedies every day by people attempting to fix their material bodies and minds, without meaningful results. 

SOUL-PRINCIPLE is the legitimate identifier and producer of man and the universe.  It holds everything within its harmonious unity. 

M. B. Eddy wrote, “In the order of Science, in which the Principle is above what it reflects, all is one grand concord.”

Spiritual metaphysics educates us with provable, spiritual laws and facts.  It asserts that we have nothing to do with a DNA-constricted, skin-sack of flesh, blood and bones; and everything to do with MIND. 

We experience outstanding healings when we are convinced of what St. Paul realized: “... we have a building (a divine individuality) of God (SPIRIT-MIND), an house (a spiritual structure) not made with hands (not subject to material beliefs), eternal in the heavens (made of LOVE’s immortal elements).” 

MIND is sovereign everywhere.  Its intelligence, love, dominion and harmony abound.  Its prosperous and concordant universe furnishes us with amazing resources and attributes with which we can advance our lives and everyone else's.

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