Tuesday, May 22, 2012

                             Our Christly triumphs

Sometimes negative elements seem overpowering.  It may be the wrongs we’ve done.  Or the anger and hurt we feel from the wrongs done to us.  Or it may be long-term fears, weaknesses, and past setbacks. 

LOVE-TRUTH is all-mighty, fathomless and triumphant.  We can rely on LOVE’s transformational might, which every Christly outlook induces. 

A Christly attitude generates victory.  It bathes us with holy love and truth, and it arms us with spiritual wisdom. 

Christ can re-make us from head-to-toe, inside and outside.   TRUTH’s unsurpassable power works through our Christly inspiration, and it liberates us from sin, illness, fear, poverty and even death. 

Christ manifests LOVE’s intelligent outcomes.  It proves that evil’s influences and circumstances are impotent and, ultimately, unreal. 

Jacob’s victory over evil has much to teach us.  First, we should recognize that Jacob’s attacker is comprised of carnal mentality – that is, of sinful and entrenched ways of thinking and behaving.  He has spent his life being selfish, self-centered and greedy, and doing harm to many. 

Bad character traits were encouraged by his mother, Rebecca, from his earliest years.  In fact, it is she who puts him up to the act of betraying his father and brother. 

As he sits by the river bank despairing that he will be killed by his avenging brother (or by his uncle, Laban), he realizes that this is the first time in his life when he has no escape.  In the past he had outwitted those standing in his way, he had seized advantage from every chink in their armor, and he’d been faster and more deceiving. 

Yes, he’d alienated many, but they feared him.  He was also financially wealthier for it. 

His conniving, wealth and power had made for an impenetrable barrier.  His armor is now shattered.  He is disgusted by his past and dreading death. 

Self-pity says to him: “You did what you did because you were not loved.  Maybe, you are not worthy of love.”  It hurts to think this.  It opens up the old wounds he believed he had sutured with success.  

Moral questionings and self-doubts had arisen in his mind before but he had quickly discarded them.  This time he cannot.  They are too many and too loud.  The fear and greed that had motivated him are now expired. 

 Christly humility and repentance allow him to admit and cast off his sins. 

An inner stillness settles upon him.  He wants more of it.  The light of self-awakening is shining into his darkest mental chambers.  Hope and reformation are bursting forth. 

What was “out of joint” in his life is now being mended.  He can feel the power of LOVE’s grace.  He is being re-engineered by all the angel messages of redemption.  Christ is triumphing.

He remembers how LOVE had visited him decades before when he was only a young man.  It happened when he had been alone and afraid in the desert.  Yes, it was a holy ladder he climbed in his dream.  From the top of it he saw something of the illimitableness of LOVE’s providing.  He discerns that perfect LOVE is with him now as it was then. 

LOVE says to him, “You are my beloved expression of Christly goodness.”   He holds onto this vision until it takes away even the ashes of the old, sinful, counterfeit personality.  Not even the smell of it is left. 

He is a new man and his new name is Israel (meaning that SOUL-LOVE has prevailed in him).  He has “seen God face to face.”  He is able to express Christly grace, power and immortality. 

LOVE-SOUL imparts Christly goodness to all.  Certainly, we are ordained by SOUL with the spiritual capacity to be victorious over evil. 

We obtain from SOUL all manner of heavenly goodness.   This includes health, love, wisdom, might and an interminable spiritual identity. 

Christ is our true nature.  This conviction brings forth Peniel-like, transformational moments wherein we perceive LOVE’s overflowing goodness, and our immortal and immaculate identity. 

LOVE’s redemptive power – that is, Christ -- triumphed in Jacob and it is doing so now in every humble and yielding heart. 

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