Sunday, April 29, 2012

LOVE makes us brave
          Kony, the sadistic, Ugandan warlord, who has become famous because of the YouTube video about him, was challenged by the bravery of Sister Rachele Fassera. 

Kony raided a boarding school for girls and abducted 139 girls to use them as sexual slaves.  Sister Rachele Fassera, the deputy headmistress of the school, hiked through the Ugandan bush in search of them.  When she found them, she confronted the rebels and pleaded to have them release the children.  She even urged them to take her in place of the girls.  Moved by her courage and implacable love for the children, the rebels released 109 of the girls to her. 

Sister Fassera knew that she was risking her life without any assurance that the children would be let free.  But she could not stop herself because her love for the children was so great.  The propulsive might of divine LOVE moved her to act boldly and selflessly. 

Each one of us is inexorably linked to LOVE.  Whether we know it or not, act like it or not, the provable fact is that our intrinsic, spiritual essence is an instrument of LOVE’s beneficent purpose in the world. 

This understanding gives deeper purpose and spiritual power to our lives. 

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