Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shattering materiality’s hypnotism

          For a long time it has been a recognizable fact that perceptions are manipulated by suggestions and expectations.  Now neuroscience has taken a fresh interest in hypnotism. 

Modern findings verify that people can see, hear and feel what is not there.  Even more significant is that neuroscience is discovering that the human mind is hypnotized most of the time by the unquestioned beliefs it clings to. 

          In the 18 century German physician, Dr. Franz Mesmer, employed mental suggestion to improve the health of his patients. 

Using the Greek word for sleep, the word hypnosis was coined in 1842 by English ophthalmologist, Dr. James Braid.  While he did not understand how it worked, he mesmerized people by looking into their eyes steadfastly. 

Some physicians today employ hypnotism to treat many mental and bodily disorders, including pain.  In the 19th century they even used it as anesthesia for a variety of medical procedures until it was replaced by the discovery of ether.     

Certain entertainers, magicians among them, use hypnotism as part of their acts to the delight of their audiences.  People are made to do things unawares until the performer awakens them. 

Modern neuroscience distinguishes between bottom-up and top-down brain processing.  The former represents sensory data from the eyes, ears and body carried by nerves to the functionally higher regions of the brain for interpreting into information.  Top-down processing refers to our entrenched beliefs and how they distort what we experience.   Most of what we think we see, hear and feel is impacted by the framework, or imbedded filter, of our preconceptions. 

Spiritual metaphysics alerts us to how much of what we believe is real is constructed of the distortions produced by a mental filter of materiality.  Material existence is a hypnotic trance.  It is the top-down processing of a materialized set of beliefs.  In order for us to experience the beautiful and tangible authenticity of SPIRIT-GOODNESS we must replace this material filter. 

Spiritual education and daily meditation/prayer replaces a material-sense filter with one that is spiritually acute.  Doing so is a therapeutic process which welcomes into our lives the cascading currents of spiritual life, health, love and beauty. 

Divine metaphysics emphasizes that final reality for everyone and everything is immortal and magnificently good.  It cannot be otherwise since ultimate reality is the manifestation of immeasurable SPIRIT-LIFE.  An acute, spiritual sensibility connects us to preeminent INTELLIGENCE/SPIRIT and to our incorporeal, divine wholeness. 

A spiritual filter keeps us tuned in to our SPIRIT-enforced, outstanding and divine manhood/womanhood.  The false, bottom-up, material data of disease, fear and human weakness is subjected to the enforceable and healing facts of spiritual existence. 

19th century writer and metaphysical healer, M. B. Eddy, wrote this poignant and alterative statement, "The truths of immortal Mind sustain man, and they annihilate the fables of mortal mind, whose flimsy and gaudy pretensions, like silly moths, singe their own wings and fall into dust."

MIND/SPIRIT has endowed us with limitless, superior abilities.  Complex problems, obstructions and failures cannot hypnotize us when we are expressing our divine talents. 

A sharp, penetrating, spiritual intellect shatters materiality’s hypnotism.  Our spiritual filter keeps us synchronized to LOVE’s harmonious, preeminent reality. 

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