Friday, April 20, 2012

While psychiatry and the pharmaceutical giants promote that mixing chemicals to spark the brain's electrical impulses is the answer to mental problems, SOUL-sense pacifies, corrects and harmonizes the human mind.  Contrary to popular material impressions, SOUL produces in us a healthy and peaceful nature. The NYTimes reported (on 4/20/2012) this: "Fast forward to 2012 and the same antidepressants that inspired such enthusiasm have become the new villains of modern psychopharmacology — overhyped, overprescribed chemicals, symptomatic of a pill-happy culture searching for quick fixes for complex mental problems. In “The Emperor’s New Drugs,” the psychologist Irving Kirsch asserted that antidepressants work no better than sugar pills and that the clinical effectiveness of the drugs is, largely, a myth."  Spiritual meditation/prayer, on the other hand, is being proven by thousands every day to be a harmonizing force to the brain/body.  When we bathe consciousness with SOUL's transcendent ideas they correct and cleanse the inner workings of the mind and body.

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