Thursday, April 26, 2012

An ever-evolving and healing Church

Church: A network of caring participants engaged in a spiritual, propulsive, improvisatory “dance” with SOUL and with one another.  This dance expresses and communicates SOUL’s energizing, intelligent, loving and sanative rhythms. 

One may also think of it as a spiritual conversation.  This never-ending and exciting dialogue can unlock our mental traps, educate us with new concepts, sharpen our spiritual sensibility, broaden our sense of community, and motivate us to bring more Christly justice to our world.   

At the center is incomparable and preeminent LOVE-SPIRIT.  A SPIRIT-anchored community acts like an intellectual and spiritual womb of experimentation and innovation.  Then we are humbled and amazed by the successful accomplishments that come from this Christ-nurtured matrix. 

Alterative, life-expansive ideas do not come down from a top-down, ecclesiastical hierarchy, but flow out to everyone from the infinite SOURCE-INTELLIGENCE.  Ever-evolving inspiration and understanding impels us to challenge past assumptions and abandon our comfort-zones.  This keeps us alive and relevant.  We transcend the death that ensues from petrified, dogmatic, and ritualistic behavior.   

Organic, grass-roots and democratic inventiveness meets the needs of each community.  But it also generates educational and curative cross-currents among participants across the planet. 

In an ever-evolving and transformational church, individuals and teams know that they are free to synchronize to the propulsive, therapeutic rhythms of unbounded SOUL, and that their unique “life-dances” are encouraged and supported. 

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