Friday, April 27, 2012

The immeasurable LIFE-force manifests us

The Greek Orthodox theologian, Philip Sherrard, has written that "Creation is nothing less than the manifestation of God's hidden Being."  We can add that to a spiritual, infinite outlook the wonders of LOVE’s ongoing creative process become increasingly tangible. 

Every life-form is evidence of the irrepressible, teeming, time-free, life-process of the uncontainable and preeminent ARTIST/DESIGNER/INTELLIGENCE.   

The illimitable richness, magnificence and vigor of existence are hidden from us by the filter of materiality.  A spiritual, mental lens reveals a majestic view of our incorporeal and immortal range of being. 

Our happiness, health, talents, love-relationships, and purposeful and rewarding engagements are also unstoppable manifestations of the boundless LOVE-PRINCIPLE. 

These enlightened concepts enhance our spiritual ken, which then propels us to be bold, inventive, wise and successful. 

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