Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saved by “angels”

          He was eating alone in his tiny apartment, stooped by the heaviness of so many unresolved issues, bewildered by their complexity, and afraid. 

          Suddenly he could not swallow the bite of fish.  A piece of fish bone was choking him to death.  He felt impotent to get up to get a drink of water. 

He regretted dying without having been able to do more for those back home who depended on him. 

He said mentally to himself, “I may be dying, but I cannot be separated from infinite, divine LOVE.”  He also remembered Jesus Christ’s reference to the many “angels” protecting him, which Jesus declared when speaking to Pilate. 

He intuited that these same celestial, benevolent forces of LOVE were rescuing him.  Then the fish bone slid right on through.  Now he felt safe and comforted by loving, divine agencies (“angels”).

Instead of dying, he lived.  Feeling grateful and safe within LOVE’s sovereignty, he fell asleep. 

An hour later he woke up and his outlook on his troubles was changed.  He was convinced an army of compelling, intelligence influences was directing his life, and available to everyone. 

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