Friday, October 19, 2012

There Is No Death, Only LIFE

There Is No Death, Only LIFE




Julio C. Rivas



Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, experienced something of immortal, spiritual existence when he was in a coma for 7 days. His brain cortex was dead. It was being eaten by a very rare type of bacterial meningitis.


In his book “Proof of Heaven,” he recounts that during his spiritual journey he discovered that existence was without physicality. Each living being was both distinct and unified to everything and everyone else. In addition, everything was beautiful, joyful, and full of love.


He perceived a message, which had three parts:


“You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.”


“You have nothing to fear.”


“There is nothing you can do wrong.”


On the seventh day, while his doctor and his wife were discussing disconnecting him from his mechanical life-support, he woke up healed of the bacterial meningitis that had been eating his brain.


The book “Life after life,” published in 1975 and written by Dr. Raymond Moody, describes the experiences of 150 people who died, or almost died, and recovered to tell about it. The book encouraged thousands of people from around the world to share their own post-death-and-back experiences. Support groups exist today in many cities where men and women feel comfortable talking about the continuity of life beyond death.


To one who glimpses something of spiritual existence, life is the immortal outcome of the divine SOURCE, SPIRIT-LOVE. Whether we are a part of a religious tradition or not, we can intuit that we are the outcome of a universal, uncontainable, inexhaustible, perennial LIFE-FORCE.


Of course, throughout human history we have benefitted from radiant, spiritual standard-bearers who have experienced and proven something of the materially transcending reality of infinite LIFE-SPIRIT. Within the Judeo-Christian tradition, we have Melchizedek, Enoch, Christ Jesus, and many others since then. There are also others from other traditions. Another of these standard-bearers from more recent times is the 19th century, radical thinker, Mary Baker Eddy, who perceived, proved and taught the LIFE-PRINCIPLE which generates prolific beauty, health and goodness.


We do not need to have “near-death” experiences to liberate ourselves from our feeble, time-enslaved, matter-enclosed views of existence. The more we study and learn about unbounded SPIRIT-LIFE, the easier it is to sense that we are vivid, perfect, perpetual, non-physical, spiritual beings.


I have witnessed patients of mine return to life after being diagnosed as clinically dead, or after being in comas for weeks and months. In these cases, I maintained my spiritual conviction that they were in unity with MIND-GOD, and that MIND’s revelations were causing them to thrive within uninterrupted SPIRIT-LIFE.


Spiritual awakenings cause us to feel our eternal connectivity to sublime LIFE. Those who have become aware of their immortality describe the feeling that they are at one with a tender, warm, gentle and limitless LOVE. They discern distinct celestial beings that live in perfect synchronicity with each other. In LIFE-REALITY, there is no limitation, separation, sin, guilt, disease, fear, nor hate.


The divine LIFE-FORCE makes one feel wanted, belonging to a grand, beautiful, excellent purpose. Superlative SOUL-LIFE excludes material birth, growth, aging, and death. Corporeality, along with failure, sin, and sickness, are a sham to our spiritual apprehension. Physical belief-distortions cannot touch, nor impede our glorious, celestial identities and divinely impelled existence.


We are LIFE-beings. We live within LOVE’s infinity. Tender, immaculate, and unbounded LOVE-LIFE maintains a harmonious balance among all spiritual life forms. A holy unity supports and enhances everyone’s divine purpose and reveals more of their radiant, eternal, excellent essence.


We are divine LIGHT-LOVE’s perpetual, shimmering beings. We are divine LIFE-LOVE’s eternal chorus. Let us choose to live as we really are.




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  2. This post really helped me. I felt as if God was speaking directly to me as I read it and re-read it. I wrote some of the ideas down so I could read them again before going to sleep. It gave me peace and comfort.

  3. I am grateful it has helped you. Thank you.