Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spiritual Unity with SOUL

Spiritual Unity with SOUL


Julio C. Rivas, CS

7-12 Is there anyplace I can go to avoid your Spirit? to be out of your sight? If I climb to the sky, you’re there! If I go underground, you’re there! If I flew on morning’s wings to the far western horizon, You’d find me in a minute— you’re already there waiting! Then I said to myself, “Oh, he even sees me in the dark! At night I’m immersed in the light!” It’s a fact: darkness isn’t dark to you; night and day, darkness and light, they’re all the same to you. (The Message, Psalms 139:9-12)

Eddy: “This is the doctrine of Christian Science: that divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object; that you cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy; that good can never produce evil; that matter can never produce mind, nor life result in death.  The perfect man –governed by God, his perfect Principle – is sinless and eternal.”

We are SOUL’s immortal, outstanding, spiritual revelations.  Our human location and circumstances may change, but we are non-material, immaculate, flourishing, celestial identities in the ALL-IN-ALL of LOVE-SPIRIT.  We are LOVE-LIFE’s perpetual manifestations.  We are thriving with health, intelligence and rich purpose in the teeming universe of MIND.  Oneness with LIFE-LOVE and eternal oneness with each other’s spiritual selfhood is our dynamic reality.

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