Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LIFE-prodded Victory

LIFE-prodded Victory


Julio C. Rivas, CS



15Jesus spoke to her, "Woman, why do you weep? Who are you looking for?" She, thinking that he was the gardener, said, "Mister, if you took him, tell me where you put him so I can care for him." 16Jesus said, "Mary." Turning to face him, she said in Hebrew, "Rabboni!" meaning "Teacher!" 17Jesus said, "Don't cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go to my brothers and tell them, 'I ascend to my Father and your Father, my God and your God.'" 18Mary Magdalene went, telling the news to the disciples: "I saw the Master!" And she told them everything he said to her. 19-20Later on that day, the disciples had gathered together, but, fearful of the Jews, had locked all the doors in the house. Jesus entered, stood among them, and said, "Peace to you." Then he showed them his hands and side. 20-21The disciples, seeing the Master with their own eyes, were exuberant. Jesus repeated his greeting: "Peace to you. Just as the Father sent me, I send you." (The MSG, John 20:15-20)

Eddy: “The Master said plainly that physique was not Spirit, and after his resurrection he proved to the physical senses that his body was not changed until he himself ascended, -- or, in other words, rose even higher in the understanding of Spirit, God.”

Mary of Magdala, the deeply committed and capable disciple of Jesus, quickly perceived the resurrected Jesus. Even after his resurrection Jesus continued to enrich his cognition of man’s divine identity. He also helped his students come out of despair and to cognize man’s SOUL-generated, infinite possibilities for health, love and success. From Jesus’ accomplishments we learn that our Christly essence cannot be buried by materiality, hatred, disease and loss. Spiritual apprehension places us on an ascending path of superabundant LIFE.

12Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life. (The MSG, James, 1:12)

Eddy: “The human concepts named matter, death, disease, sickness, and sin are all that can be destroyed.” And, “The divine must overcome the human at every point.”

Christly wisdom armors us with celestial grit, resilience, love, might, and victory.

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