Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Expressing Invincible LOVE

Expressing Invincible LOVE




Julio C. Rivas, CS



What anchors us, opens up the petals of our mind and heart, and fructifies our relationships? It is unselfish, generous grace.  It is love for those who are unlovable, and it is caring for the sake of caring.


To love obsessively, selfishly, romantically, and religiously is the product of a fearful, narrow and self-centered mind-set.  Therefore, it is harmful.


But profound, genuine and trustworthy affection has a divine source.  It renews us, replenishes our earth, and transforms our society and institutions.  It communicates and spreads LOVE’s love.


Because this love is spiritual it powers surprising resurrections of soul, mind and body.  LOVE’s love rises up with overwhelming healing power. 


It proves that we are interconnected, spiritual beings.  We are the unbounded and universal outcomes of SOUL.


Also, to love this way is to be in rhythm with all-intelligent MIND-GOD.


LOVE's love makes us brilliant, responsible and mature.  It induces us to act boldly, generously and wisely to effect healing changes.


MIND’s love fills us with spiritual power, freedom and joy.


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