Friday, September 7, 2012

The Power of Illumined Prayer

The Power of Illumined Prayer



Julio C. Rivas, CS



In the world today there are millions of people relying daily on the healing might of illumined prayer. This phenomenon is growing exponentially every year.


Gross materialism is being challenged and overthrown by the life-changing experiences resulting from matter-negating, Mind-asserting, Truth-based prayer. People’s spiritual awakening is an unstoppable, spiritual force. It betters their personal lives and our world.


Every individual’s striving for divine Truth is part of a healing wave of consciousness encircling and transforming the globe. In the final analysis, all is Mind-Truth and its immortal, majestic expressions. Our individual, spiritual journeys make this fact clear and provable for everyone.


The mythological Phoenix bird burns its old, decrepit self in a fire in order to be re-born into a new life. Spiritual enlightenment acts like a spiritual fire, burning away anything that stands in the way of our magnificent, Spirit-given life. Materiality’s disease, ignorance and sin are turned into ashes and we rise renewed by the glory of immortal, health-inducing Life.


Mind-Truth is forever communicating to our open thought its spiritual enlightenment. It never wanes or stops because spiritual wisdom manifests Love’s incessant, loving care for all.


As Jesus Christ explained, sometimes we do not take in Love’s transformational wisdom because materiality is obfuscating our thinking. When our “heart is waxed gross,” our “ears are dull of hearing,” and our eyes “have closed,” we will re-connect with Love by reminding ourselves that our inner, spiritual essence is entwined with Mind.


Early 20th century revolutionary, metaphysical thinker, and author M. B. Eddy wrote, “Outside the material sense of things, all is harmony. A wrong sense of God, man, and creation is non-sense, want of sense.” She also wrote that Jesus proved Truth’s healing efficacy for all people, in every age since “…to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good.”


During Christianity’s initial three centuries, enlightened prayer generated outstanding proofs of the ascendancy of Spirit over matter, of Soul over evil. The Roman authorities sometimes came down hard on the early Christians to abolish them, but they responded with stronger determination and demonstrations of spiritual power.


Among the thousands of amazing stories found in the Roman record books is that of a 14-year-old girl, the daughter of a high-ranking Roman official, who refused to give up her Christian beliefs even after being beaten and condemned to death.


To make an example of her and to discourage others from joining the ranks of Christianity, they set out to execute her in the city’s central plaza. They tied her down to a flat surface made of cut stone and they gradually lowered a large boulder on her. The girl, feeling thoroughly connected to Love and to her incorporeal, indestructible self, sang loudly of everyone’s sacrosanct existence inside the sovereignty of Spirit-God. The boulder was never able to crush her. In fact, it crumbled into pieces.


That day, hundreds more understood the power of illumined prayer. Everywhere in the Roman Empire, examples of Spirit’s ascendancy, like that of this precious girl, were taking place, thereby adding  thousands of new Christian healers.


Today, illumined prayer is proving the imperial might of Spirit-Love over human sin and affliction. It is doing this everywhere. We are part of a growing world-force of Truth-illumined thinkers and doers.

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