Thursday, September 20, 2012

Be Love’s Transformation-Agent

Be Love’s Transformation-Agent




Julio C. Rivas, CS



            Christ Jesus often told people to repent, which meant to undergo a spiritual transformation.  On those occasions when he said “sin no more” to those he had healed, he wanted to impress on them the importance of not retrograding to their old ways.


Christ Jesus was a change agent.  When he declares that "it is the spirit that quickeneth” and the “flesh profiteth nothing," he means that healing, success and progress are the result of altering one’s way of thinking and behaving.  He moved people out of their ignorant, fearful and mistaken ways to a new place of spiritual, intelligent thinking and living. 


           Outstanding metaphysician and healer, M. B. Eddy, writes that for effective change "What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love and good deeds."  Her statement echoes the Apostle Paul’s emphasis on grace as the primary determinant of a person’s character and of his/her ability to achieve great good. 


There is surface change and then there is deep, meaningful change.  Because grace comes from boundless Love-God our expression of it demonstrates excellence of thought and character. 


Honest self-reflection is essential for grace-induced change.  Most of us can recall discordant human relationships that did not improve until we eliminated pride, envy, resentment, revenge and hatred.  There are also those other instances when much effort and money has been expended to improve a business or social condition, and the end result was failure, because corrosive attitudes, such as greed, pride and dishonesty, were driving the effort.     


It helps to know that we are not mere physical mortals trying to improve ourselves and effect purposeful change around us.  We can draw on Mind-God, who is infinite wisdom and love, and on what Mind imparts to us.  Our spiritual essence, which is the outcome of Mind, is composed of infinite, divine qualities.  Grace, intelligence, health, courage and might represent some of our innate, spiritual qualities. 


Soul-God shapes our incorporeal, divine nature.  When we identify ourselves as Soul’s expressions of infinite, celestial qualities, we experience internal transformation.  Integrity, wisdom, intelligence, creativity and boldness are some of the many qualities that are made evident in our humanity.  


Christ is a term that describes the divine nature of Jesus, but it also describes Soul’s ever-active influence in our human affairs.  When we accept its influence it can alter us.  Our admittance of Soul’s grace-filled intelligence can correct apparently adamant and insurmountable situations. 


This Biblical statement communicates the superlative authority of divine Intelligence-God: “he is in one mind, and who can turn him? and what his soul desireth, even that he doeth."


To superlative Love-Mind everything and everyone expresses its magnificent and bountiful intelligence, health and resources.  To our Mind-enhanced reasoning no dilemma is too difficult to resolve.  Our expression of Mind generates creative and effective answers to long-standing dilemmas.  Its beneficent results are wide-ranging.   


            I remember the time when a group of us volunteered to raise funding and establish a nursing care facility in our city.  For many reasons past efforts to do this had failed.  It was not easy for our group and we experienced several setbacks, but we accomplished it within a year. 


My friend George was an outstanding transformation-agent in our group.  The nursing facility would not have come to fruition without him.  He relied thoroughly on Love-Mind for everything.  He identified man as Mind’s incorporeal, intelligent and upright reflection.  When we experienced deception, dishonesty, greed and manipulation, he responded with Love’s wisdom.  George brought an arsenal of spiritual qualities with him.  While serving as his right hand man, I saw up close, in multiple, intense negotiations, his expression of grace, intelligence, courage, vision, integrity, patience, and creative problem-solving. 


The other transformation-agent was Rube.  She managed the nursing facility for several years.  Under her able and inspirational stewardship marvelous healings occurred at this facility.  Many were healed of incurable, chronic and acute diseases.    Rube was a spiritual force of Love’s grace, strength and intelligence.  She exuded so much of Love’s joy, generosity, vitality and vision that she raised the commitment and abilities of those around her. 


By expressing all-intelligent Mind-Love our motives are naturally pure and good.  We are acting out from a Love-impelled basis and this compounds outstanding results.  Brilliant answers to problems — large or small – come forth when we are in tune with divine grace.  In fact, Mind’s right answers surround us and we can discern them spiritually. 


Let us take to heart "Thy will be done” – let’s allow ourselves to be Love’s transformation-agents, and then amazing good is attainable. 



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