Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LOVE-Entrepreneurs Are Needed

LOVE-Entrepreneurs Are Needed


Julio C. Rivas, CS


LOVE-entrepreneurs create dynamic, advancing, inventive and just movements, organizations and social arrangements.  They are needed everywhere: by the fields of education, commerce, government, religion, politics and non-profits. 

LOVE-entrepreneurs access the creative, brilliant energy of infinite MIND, which is the inexhaustible source of intelligent goodness.  This perennial LIFE-FORCE infuses everyone with brilliance, initiative, generosity and audaciousness. 

Fear of failure is irrelevant to a LOVE-propelled attitude.  MIND induces experimental, risk-taking and searching attitudes.  Setbacks for risk-takers only serve to free the mind further. 

As long as we employ failure in an educational way, causing us to adjust and pivot, then it promotes success.  We can tell ourselves this: “I embrace failure because it breeds the knowledge and experience necessary for outstanding victories.” 

The economy of LOVE-MIND is a vigorous, boundless, teeming, fruitful, intelligent energy-field.  As LOVE-entrepreneurs we are drawing on MIND’s productive and courageous ideas, and planting “seeds” in LOVE’s fecund “fields” of possibilities.  

 Recessions, depressions, unemployment, and excesses by business and government are the outcome of ignorant, greedy, selfish and fearful behavior.  LIFE-wisdom educates and directs us toward generous and enlightened pathways.   

LOVE emboldens us to forge new paths through “wildernesses” of untried ideas, and to be shapers of new economies. 

Our innate LOVE-energy is the key to a rewarding and successful future for us and the world. 

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