Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spiritual Reality Discards Troubles

Spiritual Reality Discards Troubles




Julio C. Rivas, CS



God is boundless, unconfined Principle. We are its divine effect. Our transcendent reality is that we are incorporeal, perpetual, Soul-designed beings. Everyone’s spiritual self is the emanation of everlasting Love. We are Love-Soul’s magnificent, vigorous and wholesome emanations.


This understanding of our actual being echoes Scripture: “I was set up from everlasting … while as yet he had not made the earth … I was by him, as one brought up with him … his delight, rejoicing always before him.”


Human science, religion and philosophy mostly describe reality as the history of a physical universe and its material life forms. But it is so liberating and healing to understand reality as the non-material expression of infinite Life-Spirit. Our most rewarding knowledge-adventure is discovering consummate spiritual reality.


Outstanding metaphysical healer and insightful theologian, M. B. Eddy, writes that “The Science of Christianity comes with fan in hand” and that it separates fable from fact and gives action to thought.


We are often blind to mistaken habits of thought and behavior. But the “fan” of divine Truth alters our humanity. The knowledge of man’s Soul-enforced, spiritual wholeness blows away our fears and material dependencies. It incites mental, character and physical transformation.


In Old Testament times a threshing instrument was used to separate the useful grain from the useless debris. Spiritual acuity sharpens our thinking so that we can gather good concepts and scatter the useless ones. Isaiah implies this when he writes, “Behold, I will make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth; You shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, And make the hills like chaff.”


The woman, commonly called Mary Magdalene, who entered the wealthy household to seek healing from Jesus permitted his “sharp threshing instrument” of spiritual love and enlightenment to transform her.


Jesus employed his understanding of immortal Life to “fan” away the belief of life-and-death in matter when he resurrected his friend Lazarus.


Judas was in the presence of the threshing efficacy of Truth-Love day and night but he resisted its transformational effects. Judas witnessed Lazarus’ and others’ resurrections but it did not remove his materialistic disposition.


At a celebratory dinner for the resurrected Lazarus, his sister Mary used an expensive plant-derived ointment (called spikenard) to massage Jesus’ feet. She was immensely grateful to Jesus and this act was among the least she could do to communicate her gratitude. But the disciple Judas, who was blinded by greed, criticized Mary for using expensive oil.


The “fan” of Truth will heal and transform us when we submit to it. A Truth-welcoming attitude, like that of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus’s sister, will permit wonders to take place. Qualities like gratitude, generosity, charity, consecration, inspiration, gentleness and love express Truth-Love and they incite amazing healings.


A man’s facial cancer was healed by our understanding of his spiritual wholeness. Our Truth-illumined prayers and conversations accented and accepted his Soul-like beauty and health. The malignant cells were replaced with healthy ones.  Metaphysically speaking, we can say that the cancer-belief was threshed –fanned away – by Love-God’s imperial, divine health.


The Gospel of John presents Jesus Christ as being on an ascending path of personal, spiritual growth. His discernment of the spiritually real and his rejection of the materially unreal (his fanning abilities) increased until it culminated in his resurrection and ascension. The raising of Lazarus and of others were steps in his ascending, spiritual development.


Christ-Truth empowers us with spiritual concepts and drives away material distortions. It proves that Life-Spirit is real and man is its magnificent expression. It also proves that health and plenty are everlasting conditions of Mind, not of matter. And that sickness, lack and sin are impotent and errant views.


We can choose to be on a spiritual, life-amplifying path. We can practice our mental threshing abilities each day and gain more spiritual enlightenment.


  1. Juliio, I get so much out of your blog. Thank you so much for your dedication and clear spiritual thought.

  2. I am grateful the blog brings spiritual wisdom, comfort and healing to you. Thank you Linda for your generous comment.