Monday, January 7, 2013

Safeguarded by TRUTH-LOVE

Safeguarded by TRUTH-LOVE




Julio C. Rivas, CS




            LOVE forever safeguards us.  To husband means to safeguard and this is why the Bible speaks of God as our “husband.” 


SPIRIT-LIFE is our maker in the sense that it is our empyreal cause.  But not in the sense that we ever began for there is no beginning, or end.  LOVE, man and the universe are blended in immortal perfection. 


            When we feel forsaken or desolate, LOVE-TRUTH is reminding us that we are a “crown of glory in the hand of the Lord.”  Illimitable LOVE never stops valuing and endowing us.


            The starting point for a holy relationship with SOUL-MIND is to know that we are cherished.  We have to be because we are SOUL’s spiritual expressions! 


Our benevolent PRINCIPLE is “universal, eternal, divine Love, which changeth not and causeth no evil, disease, nor death” wrote insightful theologian M. B. Eddy. 


LOVE-PRINCIPLE is our eternal cause, health, abundance and power.  This viewpoint generates trust and confidence in LOVE.  It produces a humble willingness to be corrected by eternal MIND-WISDOM.   It augments our gratitude to LOVE-MIND and our generosity and ability to assist others.


            TRUTH says to us “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” It is asking us to welcome the spiritual wholeness and power it is bestowing on us.  Love is always protecting, guiding, encouraging and capacitating us. 


Matter-trapped thinking succumbs to fear, pain and distress.  It says: “But my wound is incurable”, “my enemies are vicious and ravenous”, “my situation is beyond solution”, or “my shortcomings and mistakes are too large and too many.”  As we focus on the inordinate giving of TRUTH-LOVE we’ll experience amazing and surprising solutions. 


            The New Testament woman with “the issue of blood twelve years” felt LOVE’s healing grace because she pressed on past her fears and obstructions.  Her thought touched Jesus’ Christly wisdom and she discovered her innate, SOUL-issued magnificence.  She was rewarded with a marvelous understanding of her spiritual selfhood.  Her problems were supplanted by blessings. 


            The woman who washed Jesus’ feet was actually submitting to SOUL’s washing of her!  SOUL wants to and can wash our mental environment – our lives-- and leave us healthy, able, and productive.  Then, without harsh judgment, but brimming with Christly wisdom, we can awake others to their natural, spiritual wholeness.


LOVE will not allow us to be held back by personal shortcomings or external problems.  LOVE’s power, LOVE’s intelligence, and LOVE’s corrective influence are greater than any difficulties. 


LOVE is suffices all our needs.  It shapes and impels us.   LOVE is the paramount PRINCIPLE of our spiritual, incorporeal and blessed lives.




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