Thursday, January 31, 2013

Caressed by SPIRIT-LOVE

Caressed by SPIRIT-LOVE




Julio C. Rivas, CS




SPIRIT-LOVE unfolds the “who, what, where and why” of our daily existence.   SPIRIT-LOVE generates our matter-exempt, exceptional, inviolable identities. 


Our “who”: We are the supreme EGO’s resplendency.


Our “what”: MIND’s projection of munificent excellence.


Our “where”: In the timeless realm of immutable, eternal LIFE.


Our “why”: We are causative PRINCIPLE-LOVE’s irrepressible, intelligent, and divine articulation. 


The unstoppable impetus of SPIRIT-LIFE feeds our healthy, purposeful and fruitful experiences.  MIND’s creative ideas launch us past sclerotic, failed mind-sets into vast new “harvest fields.”  They make us elastic, adaptable, nimble and able to seize unseen opportunities. 


LOVE-SPIRIT caresses our thought and tenderly resurrects us from materiality’s mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual graveyards.  LOVE-LIFE removes the psychological and physiological scars of past sufferings.  TRUTH consoles us when we are mourning painful losses, and re-births us with fresh hopes, promises and energies.


SOUL-LOVE is always wedded to and supporting our lives.  TRUTH has endowed our Christly core with celestial forces of health, love and supply.  These elide illness, fear and death.  Carnal mentality’s malicious and insidious influences are eradicated from our experience by our Christly intelligence and power.


Today is LIFE’s gift of immortality to each one.  As we perceive the infinity and eternality of our LIFE-propelled identities it is obvious that we are LOVE’s flourishing. 


Thank you, magnanimous SPIRIT-LOVE, for caressing us with your divine grace and for being our ALL. 



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