Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MIND-LOVE’s Healing Wisdom and Force

MIND-LOVE’s Healing Wisdom and Force




Julio C. Rivas, CS



            The metaphysical, inspired, prayerful ideas/forces below have induced innumerable healings in me and in thousands of patients/clients.


“Magnificent LOVE, we welcome your purifying intelligence and benevolence into our reasoning and affections.  They induce health in our bodies; peace and confidence in our emotions and actions; and integrity and loyalty in our relationships. 


Our spiritual hunger catches glimpses of you as the celestial, illimitable GIVER/PRINCIPLE.  You are showering us with abundant and flourishing life, health and love.  Incomparable MIND, you draw out of us our innate, Christly beauty and magnificence.  All-commanding SPIRIT, our blending with you obliterates material obstructions to health, joy and achievement. 


Gushing LOVE, when we are inundated by fear, pain and distress it is your tenderness, gentleness, closeness and faithfulness which make us whole.  Unsurpassable PRINCIPLE, your imperious health overrides all negative medical evidence and predictions.  Your restorative energies renew our lives – our mind, body, relationships and career. Your matter-transcending wisdom is a spiritual catalyst to our lives and this elides deterioration, loss, confusion, pain and failure. 


Sovereign SOUL-LIFE, you’ve engineered immeasurable talents in every individual.  We accept the infinite artistic, analytical and dynamic attributes you induce in us.  With your inciting energy we can surpass limitations and attain goals we did not think were possible. 


 Unparalleled GOOD-GOD, your divine excellence alters our character.  The Christ-spirit you release in us exterminates pride, ingratitude, self-righteousness, anger, fear and guilt.  It also accentuates our discernment, perceptiveness and savvy.  Your brilliant guidance armors us from others’ malice and deceit.  You humble and purify our humanity, and then you raise us to new pinnacles of accomplishment.  Your divine standard is made evident in all aspects of our lives. 


 Transcendent LIFE-SPIRIT, your divine laws harmonizes each ounce of blood, atom, neuron, synapse, nerve, bone, muscle, organ and function.  You infuse us with inviolable health, beauty, strength and vigor.  By yielding to your Wisdom/Science we are able to cancel decay, loss, and deterioration and experience your exponential health and blessings.


You are our benevolent REDEEMER. Your divine standard of perfection is made evident in every iota of our experience. We can live, think, speak, see, hear and act with Christly might.  Christ’s love, boldness and power impel us. 


            Imperial LOVE, ever-present FATHER-MOTHER, tender “ABBA”, you succor, comfort and free us.  Your overflowing grace and wisdom enable us to comfort others and assist them to discover their divine wholeness and power. 


By your glory and for your glory I flourish forever in your universal, spiritual family.”

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