Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bursting with MIND’s Health and Triumphs

Bursting with MIND’s Health and Triumphs




Julio C. Rivas, CS



The fecundity of MIND is ours now and always.  We secure from MIND exponential health, love, achievement and fulfillment.  Our spiritual composition is engineered by superlative MIND and is endowed with illimitable resources and talents. 


Bad familial and social conditions, plus poor genetics, distort, but cannot usurp, our MIND-enriched identities.  No material inhibitor can inhibit our spiritual love, talents and energies. 


Material misconceptions cannot perceive SPIRIT’s productive forces.  But we possess spiritual cognizance and we can discern and seize PRINCIPLE’s unlimited bestowals. 


Insightful and prophetic theologian, M. B. Eddy, appreciated how infinite TRUTH’s leavening effects on human consciousness instigate awe-inspiring discoveries and attainments.  She wrote: “God expresses in man the infinite idea, forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.”


The fructifying energies of SPIRIT are augmenting our health, character, discoveries and achievements. 


French ecumenist, Roger Schutz, is an excellent example of how LOVE-MIND fructifies us with Christly intelligence, generosity and success.  His monastery never recruited, advertised or sold itself, yet his Christly message attracted, inspired, energized and focused the lives of thousands of young people from all over the world.   These young, spiritual entrepreneurs have varied religious and secular backgrounds, but they respond and commit to a message of love, reconciliation, forgiveness and service. 


Leaders of the established Christian churches from all over Europe and north America who have visited his monastery have been amazed at how jammed it is with enthusiastic, ecumenical, committed, backpacking young. 


The busy, prestige-wealth-power-fame-pursuing ways of materiality can obfuscate the spiritual, transformational, empowering wisdom of MIND, but our spiritual receptors remain connected to MIND. 


We can prove with Christly confidence, keen insight and love-outpouring hearts that MIND-LOVE’s impetus is making us burst with spiritual triumphs. 





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  1. Julio dear: Thank you for introducing us to the work of Roger Schutz and his monestary. It was lovely to learn of his embrace of all faith traditions in his endeavor to expand the brotherhood of man.

    And, we always love the poetry of your writing, as illustrated here: "We can prove with love-outpouring hearts..."

    This reminded me of a cartoon I received earlier today via email. The caption reads: 'You do what you do because souls need to be touched' - here is the link for you to see it for yourself.....

    Lovingly, Leah