Friday, June 29, 2012

 Radical acts = radical results

Christ Jesus tells us that "it is the spirit that quickeneth; the  flesh profiteth nothing."  (John 6:63)  It is connecting to the radical, propulsive force of LOVE-SPIRIT that enables us to experience outstanding outcomes. 

The term "flesh" can signify an ossified, matter-enslaved attitude which traps us within physicality, sameness and disappointments.   I value the term "spirit" as the liberating, exalting and energizing impact of infinite LOVE-SPIRIT.   

SPIRIT-LOVE induces deep and substantial changes in our perceptions, attitudes and actions.  It releases our innate, divine energies to produce marvelous accomplishments and healings. 

This is a common saying, “Be the change you want.”  It makes sense that the launching pad for successful change around us is our own.  Through honest self-assessment we may find that we need to correct some selfish motives and unkind feelings.  For instance, most of us can recall discordant human relationships that did not improve until we learned to forgive and love the other individual.  Then there are those larger instances when much effort and money has been expended to improve a business or social condition and the end result was failure, because greed and dishonesty were driving the effort.     

The radical thinker and doer, Mary Baker Eddy, laser-beams our efforts with this statement: "What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love and good deeds" (S&H 4: 3-5). 

Prayer that takes to heart "Thy will be done" helps us to realize that in reality every part of our being is dependent upon SPIRIT.  God is our only SOUL and MIND, and our only LIFE.  Our true substance, or identity, is SOUL-SPIRIT’s own likeness.  Our LOVE-reflected identity is eternally perfect and magnificent.  The more we give ourselves to this truth of being the more our human character and experience will change to reflect the spiritual fact. 

In my personal experience I have found that I have accomplished the most good by allowing LOVE’s wisdom and purity to impact me.  SPIRIT-LOVE washes away such negative influences as envy, greed, and fear.  It instills in us courage, generosity, innovation and boldness.   These radical changes induce radical effects in our personal and professional relationships. 

Jesus was radical.  His thinking and actions were radical, and so were the outcomes.  He sought and expressed LOVE’s wisdom and might. 

Jesus’ inner spirit is given by GOD to everyone.  It is ours because our spiritual essence is the product of SPIRIT-LIFE.  The Christ-spirit is holy power that is deeply imbedded in all.  We release it via growth in understanding and grace.  Once it is unleashed it overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

The Christ-spirit is a catalyst for radical changes.  It is the “spirit that quickeneth.”  Willfulness, ego-centrism and pride make way for spiritual grace, dominion and triumph.  It transforms mere personal effort into divinely empowered activity. 

To infinite GOOD-GOD, who is omnipotent SPIRIT, no human condition is too difficult to resolve.  As the Bible says, "he is in one mind, and who can turn him? and what his soul desireth, even that he doeth" (Job 23: 13).

The answers to the problems facing us — whether large or small — are at hand.  They are revealed to us by LOVE-MIND.  Our Christly spirit makes us able to hear and implement successful answers. 

The will of SOUL is limitless blessings for His beloved children.  Divine MIND’s intelligence enables us to leap over impossible odds.  Honest, humble, and yielding prayer align us with the will of the all-intelligent MIND-LOVE.  This multiplies the blessings for everyone involved. 

Radical acts and radical results indicate a LOVE-inspired life. 

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