Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LOVE-GOD’s amplifying forces

LOVE-GOD is amplifying our health, intelligence and goodness.  It is our underlying, overlying, all-surrounding and all-defining, spiritual substance. 

In his parable of the “planter and seed” Jesus points out several impediments to our spiritual advancement.  He says that matter-based thinking can distract us from MIND’s healing messages; or, if we hear them, we may be too stubborn to permit spiritual changes to take root; or, if they do begin to take root, we may not be patient and consistent enough for their sanative effects to reveal themselves. 

How do we experience the amplificatory forces of LOVE-GOD?  The answer is to be spiritually hungry, alert and consecrated. 

Ultimately, THE WORD, says the Bible, is GOD, which in metaphysics means that it is INFINITE-GOODNESS in action. 

The prophets, Jesus, the disciples, and many other spiritual strivers throughout human history have discerned and expressed the vital presence, awesomeness and effectiveness of MIND-GOD.  We can, too. 

LOVE-GOD expresses unstoppable spiritual health, life and abundance.  It is producing in us creative and boundless possibilities. 

As MIND-GOD’s expressions we cannot be inhibited by matter-concepts -- by molecules, atoms, fear, enemies, and negative habits.  We are magnificent masterpieces of SOUL-GOD, constructed of its celestial elements and forces.

By training ourselves to reason from an infinite and non-material basis we can “hear” and “feel” the healing messages of LOVE.  We can be as open to MIND-LOVE as the boy Samuel was, and declare, “I hear, act upon, and experience your healing and amplifying power, dear LOVE-GOD.”

We get a huge boost from understanding that MIND-GOD views us as its outstanding expressions, and that our spiritual constitution manifests its brilliance and dynamism.   

The Roman commander of 100 men (the centurion) readily recognized in Jesus the efficacy and authority of matter-transcending TRUTH.   Jesus praised him and healed his servant because of it.  We too can learn to recognize, trust and yield to the healing power of Christ – TRUTH’s ever-present, sanative might and authority. 

TRUTH-GOD says to our troubles and shortcomings, “I AM ALL.”  When we accept this universal and glorious fact it erases from our lives whatever is not GOD’s expression. 

LOVE-TRUTH, the “I AM ALL,” is doing this for us right now:

Enlarging our vision of what is possible

Generating our opportunities

Broadening our reach

Extending our capacities

Widening our connections

Strengthening our relations

Augmenting our supply

Expanding our ingenuity

Multiplying our creativity

Boosting our confidence

Revealing our limitless inheritance

          We can be immensely grateful to LOVE-GOD.

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