Thursday, November 29, 2012

Healing the Human Body

Healing the Human Body


Julio C. Rivas, CS


How do we reconcile the practical needs of our human body with TRUTH's demand to understand that we are spiritual?

The Apostle Paul provides effective guidance.  He tells us in I Corinthians (6:19, 20) that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and that we should glorify God in our body. 

Scientific and Christian metaphysics reveals that matter cannot be a temple for the substance of SPIRIT-GOD, so Paul must be referring to the body as a condition of thought.  Well, individual consciousness can definitely be turned into an expression of SPIRIT-MIND. 

The starting point for converting the human body into an expression of sinless joy and harmony is to recognize it as thought.  The human body -- that is, the skin-casing of organs, blood and bones,--is only a mental phenomena.  It does not exist independent of thought, it is thought.  The human body is first and ultimately thought.  It will continue to be thought as long as we are aware of it.

So let us not be fooled into believing that we are stuck inside a physical body with an independent will.  As a mode of consciousness the human body is dependent on the human mind for its feelings and actions.  That is why we do not need to go any further than our thought to heal its troubles.

Christian, healing metaphysics empowers us by teaching that all physicality is subjective--in other words, it is subject to one's mental, spiritual corrections.  It is improved by obtaining more spiritual knowledge. 

Outstanding healer and theologian, M. B. Eddy, explains that healing our human experience demands translating objects and conditions back to its mental elements, and then “exchanging the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul” (S&H 269: 14). 

The infinite, transcendent and glorious ideas of SOUL correct and purify our matter-trapped, mistaken concepts of life.  This divine influence, known as the Christ, transmutes our physical misconceptions and we discover the majesty and excellence of SOUL-based being. 

The vulnerable, sickly, sinful and death-spiraling distortions of self and body are supplanted by our SPIRIT-designed, eternal, supersensible identity/body.  While it remains unseen by the mortal senses, this supersensible self/body is our ever-present reality.  It is perceptible to our Christ-sculpted thinking.   It is our beautiful, supernal, LOVE-derived being.

A child diagnosed by medical professionals to have asthma was healed by applying our understanding of his supersensible, LOVE-effected body/identity. 

This declaration by M. B. Eddy was most helpful in producing the healing: a "lie takes its pattern from Truth, by reversing Truth” and “so evil and all its forms are inverted good" (Un. 53:1-3). 

We understood that the asthma was an attempt to present an inverted view of the child’s supersensible, SOUL-effected self.  The original and irreversible reality for the child -- and for everyone -- is infinite, spiritual health. 

Our spiritual ponderings and conversations affirmed the child’s embodiment of innumerable spiritual elements.  We cherished him as the unfolding of SPIRIT-LOVE’s harmonious authority.  Because the dynamic “breath” of SOUL reigns in all of us, we were convinced that this divine breath was imperious over the asthma. 

After one particular phone conversation that I had with the child he never suffered from asthma again. 

These divine concepts represent alterative laws of healing.  Their deeper value, though, is in how they morph our complete humanity.  Our character, behavior, relationships and body are improved. 

SPIRIT-TRUTH’s revelations cause us to understand, in a greater degree, our excellent, healthy and bountiful nature. 

We are the dynamic expression of supersensible LIFE-GOD. 





  1. Julio, I've just read, then re-read, your above blog post and I have "finally", after many years of searching, found an analysis (of the reality of Spiritual body trumps material body) that makes sense to me. Well done. You have made very clear what has been fog in my thinking for far too long. Most of the Christian Scientists that I have read inadvertantly "gloss over" the point that our entire physical nature is simply "thought", a thought-construct. Because our Life expresses and plays out so closely and intimately with the thought-construct, we struggle to understand that the Being that we truly are is not synonimous with the body.

    1. Thank you for your receptive consciousness and for letting me know that these TRUTH-amplifiyng concepts were healing to you.