Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SPIRIT-ignited Revelation, Reason and Healing

SPIRIT-ignited Revelation, Reason and Healing




Julio C. Rivas, CS




Revelation, reason and demonstration make the supernal forces of SPIRIT-MIND tangible to our daily existence. 


According to 19th century metaphysical theologian M. B. Eddy they connect us to SPIRIT’s preeminence and to our matter-transcending, immaculate selfhood. 


Revelation.  Spiritual revelation comes from superlative MIND-TRUTH.  It is MIND’s solipsistic, unbounded SELF becoming perceptible to human thought.  When we discern that our non-physical individualities belong to MIND, that we are MIND’s own SELF-cognition, we escape somewhat our material vulnerabilities and hindrances.  We experience small and large healings.  


A man with a large tumor saw it melt away when our joint prayers opened his mind to new revelations about LOVE’s subsuming perfection and his LOVE-engineered selfhood.


Reason.  “Come let us reason together” declares eternal TRUTH.  We take MIND-SOUL’s revelations as our new premise for spiritually-based problem solving.  Now we can reason from a perfect, empyreal PRINCIPLE.  By starting from infinite SPIRIT-REALITY we are able confront and defeat its opposite --material suffering, illness, failure and fear. 


SPIRIT-ignited revelation and reason translates Biblical Scripture into the language of spiritual understanding.  We interpret beloved stories, parables and passages from an inspired, matter-subduing standpoint.  Our metaphysical, SPIRIT-glorifying cognitions induce amazing results. 


A man with a damaged vertebra was diagnosed by doctors to need surgery.   But he experienced full healing without the surgery as a consequence of our enlightened prayers.  Our spiritual reasoning regenerated his thought and vertebra. 


Demonstration.  The healings described above evince how spiritual revelation and reason generate outstanding transmutations of our human condition. 


SOUL-LOVE’s health, beauty, energy and power conquer obstinate material problems and we can prove this for ourselves and others.  A spiritual outlook manifests the beautiful, spiritual forces of love, joy, grace, strength, vitality and peace. 



            Jesus’ communion with superlative TRUTH-LOVE made revelation, reason and healing a daily occurrence.  His empyreal insight and foresight swept aside the matter-dependent illusion of sin, illness and death.  He was able to recognize every person’s divine self.  He rejoiced in and evinced man’s celestial elements. 


A Christly disposition summons SOUL-propelled health, love, intelligence and resources.  We become more certain that we are LOVE-MIND’s eternal, loveable, and endowed expressions.  This conjures creative and effective answers to complicated human dilemmas. 


Even small glimpses into TRUTH induce spiritual mutations.  They morph us completely, just like the one Saul (the New Testament character) underwent to become Paul. 


Everyone and everything becomes new to our refined spiritual acumen.  Pain, guilt, downfalls, restrictions and suffering vanish.  TRUTH makes health, joy, love and plenty flow more naturally. 


Revelation, reason and demonstration place us in the “New Jerusalem” of immortal unity with LOVE-GOD and with one another’s spiritual identities. 



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