Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Healing drawn from “Christ and Christmas”

Healing drawn from “Christ and Christmas”
Julio C. Rivas, CS
“Fast circling on, from zone to zone, -- bright, blest, afar, -- o’er the grim night of chaos shone one love, brave star.” 
“In tender mercy, Spirit sped a loyal ray to rouse the living, wake the dead, and point the way.” 
A Healing Prayer:
I welcome the supernal “star” of Christly love and wisdom.  I submit to its brilliant, vitalizing and transformative grace.  I see it bursting forth with radiant goodness for me and everyone. 
Because Christ-sense draws on the superlative effulgence of TRUTH-LOVE, it is shining with healing on all.   Its celestial brightness supplants hopelessness and despair with outstanding and powerful answers.
LOVE’s blazing light dissipates all darkness.   It enforces superlative peace and erases all mental, physical and emotional chaos.
SOUL redeems all regions of thought, and rights every human condition. 
SPIRIT’s laws propagate health, compassion, fulfillment and opportunity to every receptive consciousness.  Their goodness-multiplying wonders affect us speedily and with supreme efficacy.
MIND synchronizes our thinking, body and relationships with supernal harmony.  Family, friends, associates and enemies are united by MIND with intelligent and caring purpose.
LIFE’s proliferating health and intelligence ejects confusing, painful and terminal prognostications.  LIFE anoints us with heavenly attributes.  It blesses every zone of our thought, body and life. 

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