Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spiritual Opportunities Are Bursting Everywhere

Spiritual Opportunities Are Bursting Everywhere




Julio C. Rivas, CS



Today we have wonderful opportunities to prove the healing power of metaphysical, Christian understanding.   In turn, the future will brings us grander spiritual discoveries and awe-inspiring achievements. 


While materiality is on its relentless pursuit to blind us to SPIRIT-TRUTH, its efforts are doomed to failure.  LOVE’s intelligent revelations are matter-transcending and that is why they redeem, satisfy and amaze us. 


Religions and denominational institutions may thrive, and then some will wane and die.  But LOVE’s intelligent revelations and healing grace are continuous.  They are amplifying their healing impact on humanity.    


Revolutionary, metaphysician M. B. Eddy commented that infinite TRUTH’s leavening effects on human consciousness are unstoppable. 


Just like the mythological Phoenix bird which burns itself in a fire in order to live again, spiritual apprehension burns away the materialism from religious and secular reasoning so that we can discover more of the preeminence and munificence of SPIRIT-LIFE. 


Christ’s activity in human consciousness never declines, never wanes, never ages and never stops.  It is LOVE-TRUTH’s answer to human ignorance, failure and suffering.  


Scientific, Christian metaphysics is washing away materiality and revealing that MIND and its immeasurable ideas are ultimate reality. 


Imagine how insignificant the early Christians must have appeared to the larger society of their day.  They were first viewed as irrelevant.  But their spiritual zeal, love and wisdom won over thousands of people. 


I love reading about the early Christians.  Their lives were transformed by cognizing SPIRIT-REALITY and this had an impact throughout society. 


Although the word “martyr” has come to mean a victim, it originally meant to be a witness to the power of SPIRIT-LOVE.  As it was then, today TRUTH makes us victors over evil and suffering.  By synchronizing our thinking with the subsuming glory of SPIRIT-TRUTH we gain multiple triumphs over adversity. 


Such a victor and a witness to TRUTH in the early Christian era was a young woman by the name of Perpetua. 


The historical record tells us that a number of young Christians had been arrested by the Roman authorities in the city of Carthage, and among them was Perpetua, a newly married woman of good family and upbringing.  She was about 22 years old and had a young infant son still being breast fed.   She was sent to a dirty, stinky, crowded and rat-infested dungeon to await her day of execution. 


While praying to understand more of MIND-LOVE’s sovereignty, Perpetua had a vision.  The vision showed her a ladder reaching way up past the clouds.  The ladder served as a symbol of her ascending, spiritual consciousness.     


To the sides of the ladder were attached all sorts of metal weapons (daggers, swords, hooks, spikes) which could mangle the flesh of anyone attempting to climb the ladder.   These weapons represented materiality’s attempts to discourage Perpetua from gaining additional spiritual knowledge and power.  


At the foot of the ladder sat a dragon of enormous size and it would attack those who tried to climb the ladder.  It terrified anyone approaching the ladder.  This dragon is a symbol for concentrated, aggressive and intimidating evil.  But it also symbolizes the desperation evil feels when it knows that divine Truth is advancing to uncover its deceptions. 


In fact, we can seize such moments and puncture the puffed up, but feeble, pretensions of evil. 


So in spite of the dragon’s incinerating attacks, Perpetua ran to climb the ladder.  She was convinced that the dragon –puffed up evil -- was impotent before her conscious oneness with LOVE-MIND. 


When Perpetua reached the dragon, the beast cowered before her-- it succumbed to the presence of TRUTH in Perpetua’s thought.  The dragon went behind the ladder and stuck his head out from underneath the lowest rung.  Full of spiritual boldness, Perpetua stepped on the dragon’s head and climbed the ladder.  When she reached the top she felt subsumed by infinite LOVE.  She was safe and flourishing within it. 


Full of this inspired vision Perpetua went on to face the wild beasts in the Roman coliseum on her assigned day and none of the beasts could harm her.  When Perpetua did die it was on her terms and by her own choice.  She gave up her life to save the one of a young Roman soldier who was going to be killed by his superiors if Perpetua did not die. 


As Jesus taught us, to give up one’s life to save another is not giving in to death but triumphing with LOVE and gaining more of our immortality in LIFE-GOD .


Our expression of TRUTH-LOVE alters the world.  We can share with the world the pure love and might of the Christ-spirit.  Humanity experiences redemption when it is exposed to the invigorating, purifying and enhancing influence of LOVE’s wisdom and selfless grace. 


Let us be known for proving that man is truly divine LOVE’s spiritual masterpiece.  This kind of spiritual commitment, valor and vigor is as transformative today as it has been throughout human history.




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