Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The EGO-LOVE shapes us

The EGO-LOVE shapes us

Joining, then, Lord, in thy whole creation’s praise, let thy faithful servants bless thee; let them publish the glory of thy kingdom, and discourse of thy power, making that power known to the race of men, the glory, the splendour of that kingdom! No age shall dawn but shall see thee reigning still; generations pass, and thy rule shall endure. O how true the Lord is to all his promises, how gracious in all his dealings! Prostrate though men may fall, the Lord will lift them up, will revive their crushed spirits. (Knox, Ps. 144:10-14)

"When we touch Truth's healing garment and behold Life's purity, when we find in Love the refuge that is man's security, when we turn from earth to Spirit, and from self have won release, then we see the risen Saviour; then we know his promised peace." (Poem/hymn by Frances T Hill)

The solipsism of matter-intoxicated thinking blinds it to SPIRIT and man's spiritual excellence. The eminence of SPIRIT and man's reflected resplendence is discernible to our spiritual sensibility. Our Christ-sense knows that the EGO-LOVE shapes and interprets us. That our immortal animus and intent is to express SPIRIT-LOVE. And that we are graced by SOUL with its supra health, intelligence and riches. This understanding banishes illness, deterioration, failure, guilt and death. It heals us and restores our divine crown.

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