Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Christ-mandate

Our Christ-mandate

"The Christian warrior, see him stand in all the armor of his God ... the panoply of truth complete .. with this omnipotence he moves ... until he more than conqueror proves, through Christ, who gives him victory ..." (Poem/hymn by J. Montgomery)

Eddy: "The scientific man and his Maker are here; and you would be none other than this man, if you would subordinate the fleshly perceptions to the spiritual sense and source of being. ... All that can exist is God and His idea." (Un. p. 46-47)

The EGO-SOUL produces the EGO-man, and we are this wondrous effect of SOUL's mastery and eminence.  By applying our Christ-reasoning, which obtains its superb intelligence, bounty and mandate from SOUL-MIND, we triumph over fright, confusion, affliction and limitations.

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