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Being LOVE’s Singing

Being LOVE’s Singing




Julio C. Rivas, CS



When our actions attest to the imperiousness of SPIRIT-LOVE then our lives are LOVE’s singing.  To put off the worship of matter and to live in accord with the ALL of SPIRIT-LOVE is to be a part of MIND’s divine chorus.


The Christians of the 1st through 3rd centuries often faced severe persecutions and they responded to these with an impressive commitment to the All-in-All of LOVE-SPIRIT.  They lived their worship.  Their lives were songs of TRUTH -- deeply felt songs and boldly lived with liberty, power and grace. 


They sang of a new life in SPIRIT even as they were being tortured, crucified, thrown to wild beasts, placed in large vats of boiling oil and engulfed in flames. 


When life is seen as transcending physicality then we are imperious over material troubles.  Our natural atmosphere is the boundlessness of SPIRIT-BEING.  Those persecuted early century Christians did not just participate in religious gatherings and rituals.  They lived their understanding of SPIRIT-LIFE. 


While Rome ruled materially, these bold and victorious Christians proved that they were a part of the imperial reign of TRUTH-LOVE.  Their life, relationships, progress and health took place within the domain of SPIRIT. 


The Passover meal, which celebrates the Jews’ exodus from Egyptian slavery, was for Jesus an exodus from materialism, including from restricting religious rules and their choking ritualism. 


As he supped with his students his heart must have felt the melancholic strains that came from knowing about the ordeals before him.  He continued preparing them as best he could for the loneliness they might feel, and for the threat of torture and death they would contend with. 


When he washed their feet he was showing them once again the spiritual courage and strength found in drawing on divine LIFE-LOVE.  Humility and grace are spiritual energies that flow from GOD-TRUTH into us.  Jesus was showing them to put aside their personal egos and matter-enslaving concepts, and to feel the might of the all-encompassing and all-causative EGO-SOUL.  He was showing them to draw on the SUPREME EGO so that they would experience divine power.


He accented this holy occasion by having the disciples sing a hymn with him before going to the Mount of Olives, where he would be handed over to the Roman authorities by the traitor Judas.  This communal hymn was not just a mournful expression, but his first attempt at a victory song over death, over hatred, over all evil. 


Jesus knew at the core of his being that the spirit of LIFE-LOVE would triumph, as it eventually always does.


When we inhale and exhale this kind of courageous spirituality it ejects whatever holds us back from grander accomplishments. 


King Hezekiah is another example of someone who found his spiritual courage and might.  Young (25 years-old) and inexperienced, newly crowned King Hezekiah turned to MIND-TRUTH for needed wisdom, courage and leadership. 


Barely on the throne and he was faced with the threat from the large, experienced and well-armed Assyrian army.  He responded to the impending assault by first repairing his people’s confidence in mighty SPIRIT-POWER.  Their alignment with divine power assuaged their fears and self-doubts and infused them with spiritual fortitude.


What about us?  Is anything restraining our spiritual courage and love?  How about our success?  Is anything keeping us from health and happiness?  Is it others’ misplaced ignorance, prejudices, anger, resentment and outrage, or our own?  Have we allowed these Satan-type attitudes to bind us?  Have we been bound up for years? 


It is irrelevant to Christ what has bound us.  Christ’s command is: “Be loosed from these bonds!”  


Christ liberates us.  Christ produces a new genesis for our lives. 


Paul experienced this and he wrote, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he (she) is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.”  


Like the early Christians we can leave behind materialized worship, we can shed outworn habits, and cast off fear-and-guilt-loaded rites.  We can respond to the propulsive, creative and sanative rhythms of SOUL. 


We can make our lives into victory songs to the healing efficacy of spiritual understanding.  Inspiring each other with spiritual proofs we constitute a sacrosanct chorus to the transformational power of LOVE.


From Mt. Sinai-like levels of inspiration we can see that we are GOD’s spiritual man, and that we are living in His limitless universe of spiritual goodness. 


We and everything that exists are LOVE’s song of perfect being. 




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