Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1.  “Our Father which art in heaven.”

Dear Father-Principle and Mother-Love, you are the source of my identity, of my man-womanhood, of my perfect thoughts, of my health, of my entire being.  You are infinite good, the divine Ego.  You give me illimitable health, strength and confidence.  I am your spiritual and perfect son-daughter.  I live in your limitless love, power and harmony.  Your goodness is my hope and strength.  I am cradled and redeemed by your gentle, yet powerful, grace.  

2.  “Hallowed be thy name.”

Your nature (name) is incorporeal and divine because you are Spirit.  Because you are “All” your “spirit” is reflected in me, and throughout the universe.  I live in the peace, safety and holiness of your perfect Consciousness.

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