Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spiritual Consecration Heals

Spiritual Consecration Heals


Julio C. Rivas, CS

The surgeon happened to see the growth on my leg while we were in the men’s dressing room changing from our exercise clothes into our street clothes.  He proceeded to warn me that I needed immediate surgery to have it removed in order to avoid more serious complications, maybe even death.  He also said that after the surgery the leg would require several procedures of skin grafting and it would be a year before my leg would return to normal.

I’ve always meditated with many spiritual concepts as a daily discipline and joy.  The appearance of the growth on my leg focused my prayers to heal it.  I pondered my incorporeal wholeness within the comprehensive preeminence of SPIRIT-GOD.  I made diligent efforts to replace the surgeon’s predictions with the expectancy of complete healing.  I claimed that the spiritual “surgical” efficacy of spiritual understanding was going on. 

Two weeks later, while on a return trip from Europe, the growth became excruciatingly painful.  I was determined not to buckle to pain and fear. 

I thought of many beautiful and uplifting ideas.  This biblical passage was very encouraging: “… no instrument forged against you will be allowed to hurt you, and no voice raised to condemn you will successfully prosecute you.  It’s that simple; this is how it will be for the servants of the Eternal; I will vindicate them.”

I also clung to this one: I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him will I trust."

Here are two more by M. B. Eddy, the revolutionary, spiritual thinker: “The elements and functions of the physical body and of the physical world will change as mortal mind changes its beliefs.”  And, “Spirit is the life, substance, and continuity of all things.”

This is one of many prayers I wrote and utilized: “Evil – sin, illness, deficiency, failure and suffering -- cannot reach, penetrate nor disrupt superabundant health, which is enforced in everyone, and in me, by imperial MIND-GOD.  I trust in the thoroughly sanative effects of spiritual thinking.  I yield to MIND and enjoy its superlative power.”

The growth opened up and began to drain.  Within a month I was completely healed.  I resumed my usual activities, including my athletic involvements. 

The surgeon and many others who had seen the growth were most surprised with my healing. 

It was not a quick and easy healing.  Some healings come to us in a moment of inspiration.  This one required repeated instances of inspiration and moment-by-moment consecration. 

TRUTH-LOVE invalidates everything harmful and obstructive.  Pain, disease, decay, failure, lack and guilt are material counterfeits which cannot oppose the preeminent and amplificatory energies of SPIRIT-GOOD.   MIND-TRUTH feeds our health, talents, opportunities and success.  Cognizance of our MIND-impelled excellence and exuberant wellness ignites and re-structures our lives.

The resolving of human distresses is one way of proving that SPIRIT-LOVE is the superlative substance of everything.  Even more rewarding is how spiritual consecration makes us a better person and capacitates us to achieve for ourselves and others.

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