Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Are the Opus of MIND

We Are the Opus of MIND




Julio C. Rivas, CS



Throughout human history science has been finding explanations for phenomena that were previously viewed as either (1) designed by an anthropomorphic God or (2) merely accidental.


Up until the 90s most scientists regarded the belief in God as non-scientific.  And whatever phenomena had previously been viewed as accidental, or random, was understood to be the natural outcome of the fundamental laws of nature.  Material laws that scientists had discovered elucidated most of our daily existence.  For instance, physical laws explicate the what, how and why of the shape of a snowflake, the orbits of planets, the trajectory of a thrown object, the shape of the sun and planets, and much more.


Then theoretical physicists found that their principles were insufficient to explain the fine precision with which human existence developed.  They realized that if the fundamental parameters (principles) of our known material universe were slightly different, then physical life, as we know it, would not exist. This was perplexing to them.


Therefore, they asked themselves, “What caused our known universe to be created with such exactitude?” Is it God, or accident?


Not even the detection of “dark energy” in 1998 provided answers to this conundrum. Dark energy, by the way, is the invisible energy making up ¾ of the total energy of the universe, speeding up its expansion.  A microscopic more or less of dark energy would disallow the existence of our known universe.  Its discovery left physicists amazed at the precision, or fine-tuning, upholding our existence.  For some it represents evidence of an Intelligent Creator; for others it testifies to randomness.


Because the theological concept of intelligent design -- that is, an anthropomorphic God behind everything -- does not appeal to most scientists, they have returned to the age-old explanation of existence by accident. But they tweaked it a bit.


They describe it as the theory of innumerable, multiple universes which are randomly created (meaning, they are merely accidental creations).  Furthermore, each universe has its own particular laws. Therefore, they do not believe it is possible to come up with a set of fundamental laws that can explain all existence.


Not all scientists buy into the random, multi-verse theory.  A minority of scientists agree with the view held by a large number of theologians and philosophers that an anthropomorphic God, engaged in extensive fine-tuning, is the cause of our existence.


Let us consider a spiritual explanation.  Invisible to the physical senses, and incomprehensible to matter-trapped reasoning, is the ever-unfolding, limitless realm of SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE.


SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE does not work with, nor is it limited by, matter. We can regard matter to be a hologram of a matter-trapped, spiritually-ignorant consciousness.


Also, SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE is not an anthropomorphic designer because it produces only matter-free, spiritual existence.  Since the term “anthropic” comes from the Greek word for "human man,” it cannot describe the incorporeal, perfect and immortal designs of infinite SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE.


Material science is making amazing discoveries in how to manipulate matter.  In the not-too-distant future new discoveries in molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic engineering might do away with traditional procreation, birth, death, aging, DNA and much more.


As impressive as these material advances may be, it will be more rewarding to discover the boundless life-possibilities that emanate from understanding SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE.


Spiritual man and spiritual universe exist as the everlasting and magnificent SELF-expression of the preeminent SPIRIT-EGO. Excellence of substance and being are fundamental laws of our spiritual universe and of our incorporeal, immortal individualities.


SPIRIT-LIFE generates immeasurable and unending beauty, health, love, and power in spiritual man and throughout its divine universe. By becoming more cognizant of SPIRIT-LOVE we prove these divine attributes and shed material shackles.


Our mental synchronicity with SPIRIT-LOVE exudes spiritual power and wholeness. It makes it natural to discard old influences like fear, selfishness, hatred, envy, revenge, murder, and sickness.


Yes, there is an intelligent designer, but it is not an anthropomorphic deity, responsible for a material universe. It is SPIRIT-INTELLIGENCE, who works with precision in manifesting a spiritual realm teeming with harmonious, immaculate spiritual beings.


To a matter-blinded mindset there may be random, innumerable, material multiverses, but to a spiritually attuned consciousness, all is the manifestation of SPIRIT-LIFE, and it is infinite, perfect, ever-unfolding, beautiful and majestic.


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